Angel Crafts Launches Amazon Sales Promotion for their New Transfer Stencil Paper Pack

“Angel Crafts Transfer Stencil Paper”
Angel Crafts is now offering their recently launched Transfer Stencil Paper Pack for a discounted price of $29.95 only. Each pack of this product contains hundred sheets, and has an Amazon listed price of $37.95.

Angel Crafts is pleased to announce the launch of a lucrative Amazon sales promotion for their recently launched transfer stencil paper. Instead of its listed price of $37.95, this product is now available in for just $29.95. Each pack of this accessory contains one hundred stencil paper sheets ideally suited for stress-free tracing. Angel Crafts is an experienced manufacturer of art and craft accessories with the track record of delivering a series of highly appreciated Amazon products.

Angel Crafts claims that their transfer stencil paper for tattoo artists allows users to draw without common issues such as tracing upside or flipping images. With page size of  8.5″ x 11″, the users find it much easier to maneuver the pages while tracing or drawing. Angel Crafts has manufactured this product using a 4-ply paper that is greaseless. As a result, the lines are much clearer as no hand oils or residue is left behind. Angel Crafts claims that the tattooists or artists can increase their efficiency by using their stencil paper in thermal copiers or simply by drawing on them by hand.

Recommending this useful product, a recent user mentions in Amazon, “The Angel Crafts Transfer Stencil Paper comes in a large 100 pack and is 8.5” x 11. The paper is high quality and is fantastic for tracing it is also 4 ply with a master, tissue, carbon and backing. It is greaseless and heat resistant so it can be used in a thermal copier. I have made several tracings with this wonderful product and they have turned out great. ‘The paper would also be great for tattoos and artists stencils.”

Talking about the company’s just launched Amazon sales promotion, a senior official from Angel Crafts stated, “ We are pleased to start offering ourTransfer Stencil Paper for a substantially discounted price. However, this is a limited period offer that will not be available forever. Please visit our Amazon store today to make the most out of this sales promotion.”

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