Glow-in-the-dark Pokeball Power Bank save lives

Pokemon Trainers refer to the innovative design as a life-saving tool.

As Pokemon Go continues to incite a drive to be the very best, there is one outstanding issue that has no sign of halting: battery usage. The Pokeball Power Bank is here to fix just that.

August 22, 2016 – Pokemon Go is truly a global phenomenon, amassing twenty million users and counting. Yet every user is plagued by the same restraint of pesky battery life. This restriction tragically forces trainers to give up on longer adventures, miss rare catches, and inevitably fall behind. There is only one practical solution, being a portable battery. And for a true Pokemon fan there is really only one format acceptable for their charger: a pokeball-style charger decked out with cutting-edge technology. The Glow In The Dark Pokeball Power Bank encompasses all this and is backed by an experienced team holding over 20 years of combined experience.

The Pokeball Power Bank comes equipped with a variety of features: a massive battery life, indicator light, and a carrying clip. On a single charge, the portable battery is able to charge six standard iPhone 6 batteries, ensuring that no trainer has to go home empty handed because their device ran out of juice. With power of this magnitude users can even go multiple days before having to remember to plug in the pokeball. What’s more is the safety that the Pokeball Power Bank provides. Through a toggleable LED indicator light and a glow in the dark shell the Pokeball Power Bank is able to light-the-way and ward-off vehicles in case of a sudden road crossing. Additionally, this lantern-like effect will not drain the portable battery as it is powered by chemical luminescence.

Aside from the electric durability of the Pokeball Power Bank stands the physical durability. With a hard, protective shell the power bank endures through any adventure the trainer may attempt. The ball itself is rumored to have survived Charizard’s infamous flame thrower while keeping enough structure to allow the power bank’s owner to capture and tame the pokemon. As a side benefit the Pokeball Power Bank is completely universal, servicing every device from an iPhone to a Blackberry. Furthermore, the power bank charges these devices safely at incredibly high speeds with a 2.1 amp charging port. The design, the glow, and the battery all merge to make the most essential tool in a Pokemon master’s kit, the Pokeball Power Bank.

About The Glow In The Dark Pokeball Power Bank

The Glow In The Dark Pokeball Power Bank was conceived by David Cooper and engineer Ming Liu. This duo has slowly grown its team to include various other engineers and designers, all working to perfect their product. Unfortunately the budding entrepreneurs have reached a wall, the cost of production. The first wave of gadget production is often outlandishly expensive, so the Pokeball Power Bank team has turned to Kickstarter where the first 500 backers can donate just twenty dollars and receive a Pokeball Power Bank this November, just in time for holiday season.

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