Airwheel launched two kinds of folding electric bikes 2016

The intelligent electric vehicle industry is currently going through a bit of a revolution. Airwheel made great contributions for it, such as the anterior standing posture’s Z series electric standing scooters, sit-and-stand riding postures’ electric walkcar of S6 and S8. Perhaps, surprisingly the most anticipated vehicles should be Airwheel E series folding electric bikes.

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Are you still riding a bike to go to the bus station or subway station? Now you can have a better choice for this short-distance. Airwheel launched two kinds of folding electric bikes, E6 and E3 in succession. Driven by electricity, both of them can be folded so as to be easily lifted and carried. Riding E3 or E6 is not only more fashionable but also more practical than traditional bikes.

Folding Smart Bike

Previously, the traditional bikes are very easy to be stolen when they are parked near the bus station or subway station. Comparably, E6 e-bike and E3 backpack electric bike won’t be stolen since users always take them into buses or subways. On the one hand, they are light in weight: E6 weighs only 12.6kg while E3 weighs only 12.5kg. On the other hand, both of them have their own folding system. E6 electric bike kit can be almost folded by lightly pulling the part located in the intersections of the X-shaped main frame. E3 folding e bike has two “O” shaped circles. This design not only makes it looks like more novel and gorgeous but also facilitates the folding process. E3’s two wheels can be naturally put into the two circles to finish the main frame’s folding. So there is no problem to carry them with you anytime and anywhere.

Airwheel E3

Another thing that makes rider headache should be power-off in the halfway for traditional electric vehicles. On the contrary, E3 backpack electric bike and E6 electric bicycles are mounted with replaceable battery packs. When you prepare the backup battery pack, you can change it quickly without any auxiliary tools. Furthermore, the specially designed app can do self-checking and users can check the riding data and do some personal setup. In addition, the C-AT vehicle control system, EBS intelligent braking system and the separated saddles are superior to tradition bikes.

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Really, you need to change your vehicle as Airwheel E3 or E6 folding electric bike.


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