Author P L Rapp launches his new book based on Disaster Management on Amazon

Author PL Rapp has announced the launch of his new book on disaster management titled, “Disaster Preparedness & Survival Second Edition: How to Succeed When Society Fails” on Amazon.  The book will guide the readers to be prepared for any unforeseen disaster and handle the situation in a proper manner. Considering the fact that the modern society has become so dependent on electricity, energy sources such as fossil fuels, on demand water service and other modern facilities, and that living in the absence of them would be really hard for the people, author Rapp has created this book to help people cope that situation.

In circumstances when immediate government help in form of fire men, police, medical and public works is not available, one should know how to survive and handle such situations well. This is when the book comes into light. The book will help the reader in becoming more aware about the possible disasters and the precautions and steps they can take to prevent that disaster as well as cope with it in case it happens.

There are chances that the services which are available on a daily basis may get disrupted for a long time.  So in that situation, one should know the right steps to be followed for better survival. Even though man has lived thousands of years without the modern day convenient services, it has become almost impossible for the today’s society to live without basic services such as instant networks, mobile devices, electricity, etc., yet most of the people don’t know what to do in case these services are unavailable due to a disaster.

The book Disaster Preparedness & Survival Second Edition is made for anyone who wants to have more knowledge on disaster management and be more active and aware in such situations. Knowing the proper measures would not only help them to save themselves but also others who might need help. In the era of constants riots, terrorist attacks, civil unrest and natural catastrophe, it has become important more than ever to have the knowledge of dealing with such situations. The book will help the readers to be prepared and trained to handle disasters.

About Author

PL Rapp is a 30 year law enforcement veteran who also owns a training and consultingbusiness in Los Angeles. He has provided his services to some of the most prominent personalities from Hollywood, fortune 500 companies and citizens with different backgrounds. Rapp gained knowledge about disaster preparation while travelling to disaster management sites all over the world.

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