New Face Painting Trend Causes Huge Upsurge in Demand for Home Face Painting Kits

“The ‘Awesome Fun’ X-Large Face Paint Kit for Kids”
It is no secret that kids love having their faces painted. But standing in line at fairs, festivals and fundraisers, then having to pay a small fortune to have your child’s face painted is yesterday’s news. The latest trend is for kids to have their faces painted at home. And there has been a huge upsurge in demand for face painting kits.

It seems a shame to have to wait for a special event for your child to have their face painted.  Every child loves to dress up as their favorite superhero, Disney character or animal, and having their face painted seems to help to fuel their imagination and keep them entertained for hours.

But parents everywhere are quickly realizing that the cost of having each child’s face painted, plus the time it takes to stand in line at a busy event, is enough to make face painting only a rare treat.  And it is for this reason why so many Moms are buying their own face paint kits so they can let their child enjoy having their face painted from the comfort of their own home, and as often as they like.   Susan Dixon, a Mom of three children, commented:

“My three kids are aged 3, 6 and 9 – and every single one of them loves to have their face painted.  Ever since we attended a church fundraiser a few years ago we’ve made it a regular treat, but the cost soon started adding up.  So we’ve now taken to buying our own kits to use at home.  It is a great way for me to interact with my kids and have fun together, and if I’m busy they paint each other’s faces.  It’s a great addition to any party and it keeps the kids amused for hours.”

This new face painting craze is causing problems for manufacturers too.  A representative of the market-leading Awesome Fun Face Paint, known as ‘America’s Favorite Face Paint’, commented:

‘We’ve seen a huge upsurge in demand for home face painting kits.  So much so, that we keep having to place emergency orders as we are in constant danger of running out of stock.  We just can’t believe how popular it has gotten with children all over the USA.”

Since their launch in January, Awesome Fun face paints have taken the market by storm, receiving rave reviews from parents and children alike.  A spokesperson said:

“We keep launching new face paint products to help cater for demand, and every product we launch seems to be a huge success.  We’re overwhelmed by how successful our products have been and how much the American public like them.  Our reviews speak for themselves.”

Every new product that has been launched by Awesome Fun has been a huge hit, and this has now resulted in all 3 products in the range receiving Amazon ‘Best Seller’ status, as demonstrated by the ‘best seller’ badge displayed on the product listing on

The latest face paint kit launched by Awesome Fun is their extra-large face paint palette.  This is great value for those parents who wish to do regular face painting and want a kit that will last a long time.  Reviewers certainly seem to be impressed with the amount of face paint provided in each set.  Shauna Kopp stated in her Amazon review:

“I bought this kit to use at my seven-year-old son’s birthday party.  I had high hopes that “x-large” really meant extra large, and I was not disappointed!  I have four children and anytime one of them chooses a color or design (of anything) they all imitate it, so I am thrilled that there is plenty of each color so that if everyone wants a pink butterfly with blue spots we are able to accommodate.”

And Moms who are not artistically talented do not seem to be put off at all.  Awesome Fun provide online guidance and design ideas to help parents who are not gifted face painters.  A spokes person commented:

“We get a lot of great feedback from parents as they seem to find our free online guidance really helpful.  There are plenty of simple designs available and it is much easier with a step-by-step guide to follow.  We even offer some of our kits with stencils for those parents who are really concerned about their ability.  This also means that kids can do the face painting themselves, and they tend to feel really accomplished when they have created something with a stencil because it looks so professional.”

The Extra-Large Face Paint Kit also comes in a longer-lasting and sturdy hinged case, so it keeps the face paints well protected for repeated use.  Each face paint pot comes with its own individual lid too, for added protection.  This makes them ‘splash-proof’ so the other colors do not leak into them.  Each paint color is removable too, which makes it easy to paint each part of the design you are creating.

Awesome Fun’s Marketing Director said:

“We did a lot of market research before we launched each product.  We wanted to know what type of face painting kit parents wanted.  So we listened to what people said and acted on their comments to create what is now a best selling range of products.  I think that has been key to our success.”

A company spokesperson said:

“We have gone from strength to strength with each product we have launched, and children across the USA seem to really love our products.  We look forward to bringing even more awesome face painting fun to the American public as the company continues to grow.”

Now on special offer for a limited time, grab your face painting kit now while stocks last!

You can purchase the best selling Extra-Large Face Paint Kit for Kids on Amazon with a simple search for face paint.

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