The Critiques is a Fresh Take on Every Aspect of Religion the New Age Demands

The place of religion in today’s world is either smeared with doubt or mired in controversies. Salvaging the true belief from all pretensions is the revolutionary new website, The Critiques, which is the brainchild of philosopher and religious thinker, A. J. Salinas.

Salinas was born in Austin, Texas, and after a long and tumultuous journey, reached deeper into both organized religion and western and eastern philosophy. The Critiques website is a result of three publications that deal independently with resolving the long standing debate among scholars, students and congregations on religious and non-religious studies. The three works are titled, The Critique of Pure Religion, The Critique of Practical Religion, and The Critique of Religious Judgment, and together create a universal and collective system of a pure and practical religion.

The website aims to teach the values enshrined in the Holy Bible, while at the same time describe the existence of God, explain the correct and practical interpretation of the Book of Revelations, list practical methods and applications of logical thoughts and offer practical religious systems of judgments and concepts.

The Critiques are unique in that anyone, especially non-religious thinkers, can learn their practical system free from formal and institutional dogmas and restraints. The thoughts and systems elaborated upon stay free from ministries, denominations or religious studies.

Author A. J. Salinas learnt early adult religious education in the Catholic Church, and went on to receive two national certifications (equivalent to Associate degrees), and has recently completed his Associate’s degree in Religious Studies. He has also worked on two unofficial dissertations on philosophy, and is a published former philosopher.

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