iHDMIextender Releases New 4K HDMI Video Extender Over PoE

San Francisco, CA – HDMIextender.com has added a 4K HDMI video extender Over Power over Ethernet (PoE) to its popular line of HDMI Video Extenders. The new device combines the leading Extreme HDbitTtechnology with the highly successful HDMI extender over IP network, which is a best cost-effective solution for large-scale video conference, home theater, financial system, public transport facilities and other long-distance high-definition signal transmission demands.

Today, the video extenders are becoming more and more important in the business world. One of the most effective extenders is HDMI extender, which become extremely popular with its advantage of lossless extension. This HDMI video extender is actually a device used to transmit the high definition video signals over the long distances via CAT5/CAT6 Ethernet cables or fiber optics. It also greatly supports video formats such as composite, component, DVI and VGA.

iHDMIextender.com has extended its range of video extenders with the introduction of the 4K HDMI video extender over PoE (120m) and 4K HDbitT HDMI over IP wireless Extender (200m), to meet users’ different demands for different applications. By adopting the latest HDbitT transmission technology, the HDbitT HDMI extender converts 4K Ultra HD / 1080P Full HD HDMI signal into a standard network signals and extend the signals up to 120 meters via a single CAT 5/5e/6 cable. What’s amazing, if transmit wirelessly, the signals can even be extended up to 200 meters. Users also can control the devices with remote in distance since the device is powered with IR pass-back function. 

The HDbitT HDMI extender will be available soon at iHDMIextender.com and along with the newly developed HDbitT HDMI Modular matrix extender and HDbitT HDMI extender splitter.

You can expect more surprises by visiting www.iHDMIextender.com

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