Fone Sell Offers Consumers Fast And Simple Way To Sell iPhones And iPads

London, United Kingdom It’s no secret that technology moves at a rapid pace. It’s also commonplace for tech companies to release new mobile devices each year. Apple, an industry leader, is no such exception to the rule. Annually, it releases a new version of its iPhone and iPad products.

Keen to stay abreast of technology, many people upgrade to new Apple devices as they get released. As a result, their now obsolete iPhones and iPads get left at home in a corner, quietly gathering dust! One surprising fact about such tech gadget owners is they don’t want to sell their old devices.

With all the issues of selling on online marketplaces, they’d rather not have the hassle. Plus, local shops seldom offer good prices for used smartphones and tablets.

These days, Fone Sell is offering those people a real alternative that works! They provide a service that buys old iPhones and iPads at reasonable prices. What’s more, their growing army of loyal customers finds their service quick and easy.

The easy way to sell Apple iPhone and iPad devices

An advantage of consumers using Fone Sell is that there is no need to create classifieds ads. Nor do gadget owners have to set something up and wait a few days (or weeks). The process where one can recycle mobile phones & tablets for cash is straightforward.

First of all, customers search for their device on the website’s simple searching facility. Once they’ve identified their particular model, they just select the condition of the device. People can also specify if their device is locked to a network.

Next, they “add” the device to their shopping basket. They must then complete the checkout process to submit a purchase request. Note that the site does not take any money from people selling their iPhones and iPads.

When the checkout process is complete, Fone Sell will then send out a Jiffy Bag to the customer. Upon receipt of it, they enclose their device in it and send it off to the firm. Once it gets received by Fone Sell, the device gets checked. The offer gets approved or amended, and the customer can accept the offer to receive their money.

Free postage, fast payment

When customers send off their iPhone and iPad devices, they don’t have to pay the postage costs. It gets taken care of by Fone Sell! As one can imagine, it means sellers can enjoy even higher returns when selling their gadgets.

What’s more, customers can also enjoy fast payments from Fone Sell. The company uses the Faster Payments bank transfer service. That means consumers can receive their money within 2 hours of the payment getting sent.

About Fone Sell

Fone Sell is an online service that buys unwanted Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. The selling process is quick and simple. Consumers can also benefit from free postage to Fone Sell and quick payments. The Fone Sell website offers an easy and secure facility used by thousands of satisfied customers.

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