More Celebs Are Using CBD Oil {Nate Diaz Live On Camera!}

PHOENIX, AZ – 23 Aug, 2016 – 

The World Found Out About CBD Oil This Weekend!

When Nate Diaz lost the 5 Round War to Conor McGregor this weekend in UFC 202, he held a press conference. The battered and beaten up Nate Diaz was talking as usual and then he did it. 

He pulled out a Vape Pen and took a puff. 

This put the media into a frenzy. What was it? What was in it? Was it legal?

The Answer was CBD Oil

CBD Oil can be legal. The major factor is the amount of THC that is present in that particular brand. 

Why is This Such Big News? 

While many celebrities have stood for marijuana and its legalization. This is the first time the public has been exposed to its alternative form. 

The “once underground” version of marijuana’s “cousin,” CBD Oil is a way to gain the effects of “Mary Jane” without having the “high.” 

Martial Arts and Athletes Are Some of CBD’s Biggest Users.

Looking at the form of “torture” that they put their body through on a daily basis isa major factor. One of CBD’s major supposed benefits is relief of join pain and anxiety. 

This means that an athlete can stress their body and still relax. They just take their CBD oil and it calms their body down. 

To see more celebrities that have fell in love with CBD click here.

Such as:

Whoopi Goldberg who wrote a love story about her Vape Pen.” 

How Morgan Freeman Deals With Nerve Pain in His Hand.

There are also non-celebrity stories. Some of these stories touch the heart. They are filled with pain and how CBD has resolved that pain.

“One Mans Desperate Quest to Solve His Son’s Epilespy”

“Benton Mackenzie’s Story of Keeping a Tumor at Stage 1 Until Arrested”

There are many more celebrities that are Pro-CBD and Pro-Marijuana. This is one of the first “News Events” centered around CBD but I suspect there will soon be many more.

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