AsiaRFID Said RFID Tags Help The Retail Industry To Fight Back Against Theft

RFID Tags have become an important tool for retail outlets to safeguard their stock and fight back against the growing increase in theft.

Each year the retail industry lose more than $60 billion due to shrinkage, that loss is forcing products to become more expensive and is even costing people jobs to cover the losses. AsiaRFID, the manufacturer of RFID Tags, explains the way forward to cut down on retail theft is through the use of RFID Tags.

Many people believe retail theft is just down to shoplifters. However, according to AsiaRFID, that is not the case, and that is why retail outlets need to take more measures in protecting their stock.

Shoplifters only account for 38% of retail theft with electronic stores, health and beauty and apparel being most at risk. Employment theft is a growing problem in the USA with reports claiming that 35% of theft is down to employees stealing for extra cash or to give family and friends free products. 27% of retail shrinkage is down to suppliers, contractors, and management, meaning the stock is being stolen before it even gets on the shop floor.

The RFID Tags can turn the tables on retail theft according to AsiaRFID and reduce the losses retail outlets suffer. RFID tags are a radio-frequency identification tool that is being used for many different applications. In the retail industry they are used to help protect stock by having them attached to the product. In most cases criminals are unaware of the tags, making them even more important. When a shoplifter tries to leave the store with the RFID tag in place, the security alarm will sound alerting security and staff that a shoplifter is attempting to steal a product.

A spokesman for AsiaRFID said: “It is important to reduce the $60 billion that is lost each year. By incorporating RFID Tags into a business, it can help reduce the huge losses.”

RFID tags are an affordable solution to fight against theft; they are a modern tool that not only catch thieves but also discourages them from attempting to steal a product. As a manufacturer of RFID tags, AsiaRFID understands how important they are and how they are already reducing the amount that is lost in the retail industry due to theft.

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