David Glenwinkel Awarded for Work with Village Care International


David Glenwinkel, founder of Village Care International, has been awarded for his contributions to Africa. His program has been voted the best non profit in Africa for the level of success that the program has provided. Village Care International has brought more than eight hundred villages across nine countries better health practices, education, and sanitation. These positive outcomes that Mr. Glenwinkel has helped initiate is the basis for his award.

The Village Care International program was created because Mr. Glenwinkel believed that the people of Africa had the ability and resources to create a better living environment for themselves. After seeing that many traditional methods of aid were not successful he decided to implement a method where the African people would provide themselves the aid necessary, instead of receiving the aid.

David found that the people had the resources to provide safe homes, better health, sanitation, and education with some guidance.

The program got its start when David met with a group of widows in a village in East Africa and collectively decided that the programs mission would be for the people of Africa to provide for themselves using only the resources available in their communities. Mr. Glenwinkel and the rest of the programs team would not give money or loan money, provide materials or other goods, spread their own ideas and solutions, or rely only on local leaders to coordinate projects.

David learned about the way the peopled lived in these villages from the widows and asked that, while he went back to America for a few months, for them to start working together to make a difference. The people of the village started cleaning and repairing the homes of their community and when David returned he found that the village had completely transformed for the better. With the idea of cleaning up communities in mind, this practice of having the African people clean up and work on the village themselves became standard for all the villages they worked with.

The award that David Glenwinkel received was given for his ability to promote a new and inventive process that helped the communities without providing money or pushing their own ideas on the people. This strategy has proven a big success for the African communities throughout and continues to help provide better health, sanitation, education, and safe homes.

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