Fitness Coaches Raking in Gold

The Fitness Trainer Coaching Team posing for a photograph.
Young, enthusiastic fitness trainers in Singapore are living the life. High paying careers are no longer restricted to speedsters in the financial or banking sectors. They can be found giving advice at the gym, or in event halls.

Meet the new generation of business savvy fitness coaches – skilled, knowledgeable fitness buffs who have managed to carve an entire career out of their passion, and a lucrative one at that.

Said Kelvin Khong, a shining example of one who has made it in this line, “Basically I love this job as it not only helps me learn more about myself, but it also makes me feel happy helping my clients and seeing them achieve what they really want in life.”

Kelvin has gotten into the business after coming across a coaching program called the Fitness Trainer Coaching Program on the internet. Still studying in Polytechnic that year, he sensed opportunity and jumped right into it.

The program proved to be his best investment.

“I easily closed $2000 in sales the following month after Lionel’s programme. In fact, I was closing up to 2 clients on average per month. My highest record was closing 4 clients in a month.” he said, citing his mentor at Fitness Trainer Coaching Singapore, the institute that conducted his training.

Kelvin had managed to recoup his investment in less than a month on the job. Conversely, most of his peers at that time were still working at 8 to 12 dollars per hour while he had his first taste of the high life.

Pic: The Fitness Trainer Coaching Team having a sharing session.

What followed right after enrolment was not only a series of intensive training in fitness techniques, but also strong emphasis on business management, sales fundamentals and communication skills. There was also an international personal trainer certification accredited with the United States which he had to go through. He credited all these as the foundation that allowed him to thrive upon graduation.

But not all has been glamor and glory.

“It does take a lot of effort and hard work,” added Kelvin.  

At first glance, Kelvin might have been mistaken as an average nerdy student. He is not particularly buff or outstanding, at least visually. Many might not have associated him with the idea of hunk material, he admitted. Initially, he too had his concerns about whether he would be able to make it.

“This is also what makes it so intriguing,” he explained.

“Most people would have thought that to make a respectable income from the fitness industry, you need to be muscularly built. That is not true at all.” He said.

“It’s really a matter of how you position and brand yourself. That’s what I’ve learned along the way. You just follow Lionel’s system. I have since introduced my friends who are passionate about fitness to join too.”

Like Kelvin and the rest, Bryan Chua was another who joined Lionel’s program. If Kelvin’s achievements were considered the expected norm for any individual who graduated from the program, then what Bryan achieved was spectacular.

“I used to work at one of Singapore’s largest commercial gyms some months back. My career felt stagnated and I wasn’t sure of where I was heading. And my income was rather miserable. So I began to search for alternatives.” Bryan revealed honestly.

“Things changed when I joined Lionel’s fitness trainer coaching programme in Sep 2015. It’s been exactly a month since. By applying what I learnt, I closed $9000 in sales in the first month! And I have other clients waiting for me to train them. The results really speak for themselves.”

Bryan and Kelvin have since worked closely with their mentor and institute, which also offer them assistance in client acquisition and personal branding. Together with fellow trainers they befriended and partnered up with along the way, they are rapidly expanding their services in Singapore and South East Asia. They hope to one day expand their services globally.

Already having conducted corporate wellness programs for major clients like the Airforce Training Command, Health Promotion Board of Singapore, Wilmar, Pfizer and Jebsen & Jessen over the years; and weekly fitness workshops for Ministry of Education schools, it seems they are showing no signs of slowing down.

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Below: Kelvin’s account of his journey with Fitness Trainer Coaching.

Below: Bryan’s account of his journey with Fitness Trainer Coaching.

Below: Another stellar member of Fitness Trainer Coaching, Rayen Tan.

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