Proficient City announced that Wartune is now available on Steam!

As Wartune is celebrating its 4th anniversary, there’s some good news coming up. The game has finally been launched on the Steam platform. We know it’s been a while since the game was upvoted by players in the Steam community, and we thought now would be a good time to launch it with its anniversary. Everyone’s welcome to play and give their feedback through the platform.

Proficient City announced that Wartune is now available on Steam!

What kind of game is Wartune? Is it good enough for players on Steam to try it out? Wartune is a real-time MMORPG + Strategic Town-builder that puts you in charge of the world’s last bastion. Recruit unyielding Guardians and enlist the aid of magical Sylphs to defeat your enemies. Strengthen your hero by challenging epic bosses from the depths of hell itself, and earn rewards to bolster your units. When your lust for blood grows strong enough, join your friends in epic PvP battles and dominate the charts. The road may be long, but the reward is your Kingdom! Wartune has over 420 million users and the highest on-line quantity is 500000. There are many differences between these four years. Wartune team will work hard in future and provide you better game experience.

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Background Story

A thousand years ago, the Void God, Yaros, led the abyss army to strike the Yaloran Empire. This bloody war turned the rich, fertile land into a barren desert and has claimed the lives of millions of innocents. Humanity needs a hero, will you take them back from the brink of annihilation and defeat the divine terror?

Key Features

*Choose from 3 different classes.

*Change your units, alter your formation, and adjust your tactics to defeat hundreds of enemies.

*Summon mighty warriors and mystical creatures to fight by your side.

*Beautiful 2.5D 3D rendered artwork.

*100% free-to-play.

After finding out that Wartune was going to be launched on Steam, players have sent us tickets asking us different questions. Firstly, many players asked whether Facebook data can be transferred to Steam. However, we’re sorry to inform you that they’re independent platforms and players have to use two different accounts to play. But players on these two platforms can play with each other on the same server. Additionally, some players want to know what the difference between Facebook and Steam is. Basically, the mini client used on Steam can provide a more fluent game experience. And last, but not least, the version contents and events are totally the same, making it fair for all players. Welcome to Steam!

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