The Private Pay Drug Rehab In Alaska Is The Start Towards Recovery

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Alaska is ranked in the top states for illicit drug use and it is not a question why.

The private pay drug rehab in Alaska is the start towards recovery for those fighting addiction from drug or substance abuse. Addiction is a disease that can not be cured but treated through treatment programs and therapeutic modalities, these help the recovery process to be a successful one. The first step toward recovery is admitting to the addiction.

 Alaska, the 49th state, is the biggest and widest in the United States. It has the longest length of coastline than any other state and is the only state to have coastlines touch three different oceans; the Arctic, Pacific and Bering Sea. Juneau, the state’s capital, is larger than Rhode Island and the only state capital to have no road connecting it to the rest of the state. Juneau is also the only capital to border a foreign nation.

 In 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million. During World War II, it was occupied by Japan and by 1943, declared deserted by Japanese forces. Finally, in 1958, President Eisenhower signed Alaska into statehood. Since then, Alaska has suffered through a recession, three consecutive volcano eruptions and declining oil prices due to problems with their budget.


According to the Alaska Oil and Gas Association, more than one-third of Alaska’s jobs are tied to the oil and gas industry.


  • The oil and gas industry generates over 100,000 jobs for the state
  • Since 1959, Alaska has earned $157 billion from oil
  • 90 percent of Alaska’s revenue comes from oil
  • Production of oil has dropped 68 percent to 600,000 barrels per day compared to 2 million in 1988


Because of budget problems, declining oil prices and decreased production, British Petroleum had to, unfortunately,  lay off over 600 workers in Alaska. Studies show that job loss can significantly increase the chance of developing a mental health disorder.

 Medical experts found that those who are unemployed or underemployed are struggling and more likely to experience symptoms of depression or anxiety. A lot of people, because of social stigma, are ashamed to admit they suffer from a mental health disorder. If left untreated, mental health disorders can lead to substance addiction and life-threatening consequences.


Causes of Addiction

The risk factors for mental health disorders and substance addiction

 Although mental health disorders and substance addiction are so common, medical experts have not been able to determine the exact causes of addiction; however, they have found that brain functioning, genetics, family history and immediate environment have significant effects on whether or not someone is susceptible to the development of a mental health disorder or a substance addiction.


Brain Functioning

Studies show that certain regions of the brain affect mood and behavior. Those who have increased activity in their amygdala are prone to meth addiction. Those with a smaller hippocampus cannot produce mood-boosting receptors as fast as others which negatively impacts their mood and behaviors, leading to addictive personalities. And lastly, those who have a weak thalamus are also prone to behavioral problems, such as addiction.


Research shows a gene that is present among 62 percent of people who suffer from an addiction. While this does not prove that meth addiction is 100 percent genetic, it shows that addiction is increased due to certain genes. Studies also show that when one parent suffers from an addiction, their child has a 30 percent chance of developing an addiction as well.

Family History

CNN reported that the more family members who have an addiction in one family, the more of a chance their children and the children of those children will develop an addiction; in fact, family history can help determine addictive outcomes.

Immediate Environment

If you are exposed to physical or emotional abuse, a turbulent upbringing, prolonged stress at home or work, are coping with the loss of a loved one or experiencing a traumatic event, you are more susceptible to becoming an addict.

How to Treat Addiction

Recovery is possible

 The most effective way to treat addiction is by attending a rehabilitation treatment facility that will help you safely detox under the supervision of medical clinicians followed by a combination of therapeutic modalities. The therapies will teach patients how to recognize their maladaptive behaviors and to replace them with positive coping mechanisms.

 Recovery is nothing to be taken lightly; it is an extremely courageous step to take.


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