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Vidicom is pleased to announce a new partnership with Gary Simpson, the CEO of Transit Wireless. This company provides wireless access and advertising content to subway riders on the city’s Metro Transit Authority. Vidicom founder Christy Ferer met Simpson through a mutual friend, and the two are collaborating on a project to bring streaming branded content to riders on their mobile phones, with an emphasis on lifestyle content that’s meaningful to city visitors and residents alike. 

The collaboration with Transit Wireless will link major brands’ advertising with consumers on their own digital devices, providing both lifestyle news pieces and meaningful promotions. According to Ferer, the most effective kind of branded content is native advertising that flows naturally. This idea is considered one of the Vidicom founder’s core rules for good content creation. Simpson has been quoted as saying that Vidicom’s content creators understood what Transit Wireless was looking for right away, in terms of streaming mobile video content. 

Vidicom’s emphasis on meaningful interactive content comes from Ferer’s belief in the effectiveness of telling a good story, even when the content creator may not find the story’s subject matter that interesting. A real, effective story is able to communicate to anyone something that person doesn’t know, and to do it in a believable way. Any type of correspondent needs to know how to adapt, communicate, multi-task, work as part of a team, and stick to deadlines. This philosophy has been the driving force behind the success of the two businesses she’s been running successfully since 1981.    

Vidicom is a digital media company that specializes in branded content, interactive digital TV promoting lifestyle stories, and advertising that speaks to what New Yorkers find important. This approach has seen a great deal of success at linking major brands to interested potential customers.

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