Author Bryan Jean’s book ‘E Fit’ helps the reader in dealing with grief

The book ‘E-Fit’, 30 days of understanding and conquering your grief is meant to guide the reader in dealing with a major loss in their life and motivate them to the path of following happiness in their life again. The various chapters of the book will cover, dealing with the loss of a partner, family member, children, loss by a disaster in anelaborated and empathetic manner so that the reader can feel they have someone who understands their feelings.

Considering the fact that it becomes really difficult for some people to express themselves and make someone else understand their feelings when they’re going through a traumatic situation in their life, author Jean has written this book which is aimed to be a support system when there is no one else to talk to or understand. Jean, with his experiences working as a nurse, has dealt with numerous people in his life that’s going through the process of losing someone important in their life. In all those years working as a nurse in a mental health care, he has learnt to be empathetic and to understand people’s emotions deeply which has led him to write this book.

The book is for everyone dealing with any kind of loss whether job loss, friendship loss, relationships loss, loss of a sense of self, career loss and all other situations which produce grief and trauma. The E-fit process is a scientifically designed tool that will allow the reader to monitor up to 3 specific emotions or feelings, 3 times per day for 30 days. It will then provide the reader with concrete knowledge about how and when the painful emotions are affecting them. This, in turn, will help the reader to form an action plan for leading them to live back a happy life.

To help the reader get along the way, E Fit also provides them a ‘Guide to Personal Success (GPS)’, which is a person who’s an expert and will assist the reader in walking towards the right direction. The GPS team will consist of a primary guide to decide the person who’s going to be the contact person along with a secondary guide in case of unforeseen situations.

The book is written to be suitable for everyone despite their age, religion, country or color. The book is meant to explore the reader’s emotions in depth and help them understand those emotions so that they can stop being a slave to it. More information about the book can be found on

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