‘Love is…’ by Monica Dumont Illustrates the Power of this Universal Life Force for Children

Love, when revealed in its purity, power and innocence at an early age, can be that true universal force that can bind the world together. This is the underlying message of Monica Dumont’s latest illustrated book, ‘Love is…’, which tackles the all-important issues of building confidence, unity and a world community.

Children, above all, need love, true guidance and the courage to grow into complete their own being. ‘Love is…’ teaches them to accept themselves and others. This allows us to relate to the universal energy of love which radiates through global communities, including all life forms within its folds. The 40 page book, available in paperback, sends out a very powerful message of unity and self-love with illustrations that include children from all over the world.

Monica, a Canadian award winning author and spiritual teacher has been devotedly writing for the children in the past few years. Of special note are ‘Cocopuff: A Happy Tale’, which is about finding happiness from within; ‘The Little Bear and the Big Bear’, which teaches children how to deal with frustration and anxiety; and ‘Emma, the Bumblebee’, which shows why we should trust and believe ourselves.

Praise has been quick to pour in. “‘Love is…’ is a wonderful book with an important message for children about the meaning of love,” says Joanne Lecuyer, author of ‘Pocketful of Rainbows’.

I created ‘Love is…’ because I wanted to show children that love was to be found everywhere we look. Through simple things such as when grandma makes us a sandwich, or when we smile at others, love unites, love heals and love allows us to expand. Real love is not found in the material things we often show our children, but in the connections we make with ourselves and with others,” said Monica.

As a trained energy healer and expert in hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, past life regression, somatic healing and native American spiritual practices, Monica is well known for her workshops in Ottawa and neighboring regions. She has also founded The Success Room, and holds workshops and guided meditations on practical concepts that delve deeper into underlying causes.

About Monica Dumont

Celebrated for her children’s personal development series, Monica Dumont is a Guatemalan-born Canadian award winning author and spiritual teacher whose work is credited with being inspirational and touching. She draws upon her childhood memories and the lives of the children around her to create stories that speak deeply to her young audience. Her expertise is in the field of personal growth.

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