IM Flash Technologies reaffirms its provision of superb technological solutions

New career opportunities now available for exceptional Engineers and Technicians

Lehi, UT IM Flash Technologies, a preeminent manufacturer of non-volatile memory through innovative solutions and an ISO certified company, is set to take the technological industry by storm as it offers new career opportunities for engineers and technicians who are willing to be devoted, focused and strive for excellence. At IM Flash Technologies, ensuring every client is satisfied with service rendered is of top priority that is why the best of hands are employed to do the job.

As a successful flash technology provider, and with knowledge of the usefulness of providing unmatched non-volatile memory for every client, doing business with IM Flash Technologies enables long term success, because prospective clients are assured of good turnover of products in quick time. This is because the company believes strongly that building relationships is as important as building brands.

With an array of talented and highly professional engineers in the industry on IM Flash Technologies’ team, it promises expertise and execution in its IM Flash product delivery. IM Flash technologies also provide a conducive working environment for every recruited staff to easily adapt to. Every worker determined to contribute to the building of the brand is encouraged through its upscale salary scheme, first-class health benefits, and continuing development opportunities.

Encomiums have kept pouring in from past and present employees of the gains of working with IM Technologies. In the words of past Process Control Engineer in Lehi, UT, ‘IM Technologies has created a fast paced environment where prospective employee could work with cutting edge technology. People are generally friendly and salaries are competitive’

More about IM Flash Technologies

Founded in 2006, IM Flash is a joint venture between Intel and Micron. With the merger of these two great merchants, IM Flash technologies have become a manufacturing industry to reckon with. Fielding the duo of Keyvan Esfarjani, an Intel Vice President in the Technology & Manufacturing Group and Executive Officer for IM Flash Technologies, LLC, as well as Guy Blalock, an Executive Officer for IM Flash Technologies, LLC, including a large number of dedicated team members who are driven by performance, fueled by passion and energized by technology nothing less but high class product is churned out. The necessity of fielding staff that strive to achieve excellence cannot be over emphasized. So therefore, IM Technologies ensures the working environment and conditions are favorable to all.

With a click on the web address, prospective staff that desire to work for IM Technologies can view and apply for new job opportunities. IM Flash Technologies can also be connected with on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram or on Telephone number (801) 767-4000. IM Flash Technologies…Manufacturers of flash memories that are guaranteed to be of superior quality.

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Company Name: IM Flash Technologies LLC
Phone: (801) 767-4000
Address:4000 North Flash Drive
City: Lehi
State: UT
Country: United States