The new “Distress Alarm” app will help the users in handling emergency situations

“Distress Alarm” is the newly launched app on Google Play that can help users in dealing with emergency situations. The app works as a panic alarm system where the user can set an alarm for any emergency situation when they can’t contact emergency services. If the user does not respond to the alarm within 2 minutes, the app will automatically call the emergency numbers which could be a friend, family member or government emergency services.

Considering the increasing instances of theft, robbery, rape and accidents, the app has been created which may help the user in handle a panic situation. The app will provide instant access to emergency services such as police helpline, hospitals, ambulance, and others. It might not be possible for everyone to carry a weapon for such situations, but this smartphone app may come in handy in such cases.

The Distress alarm app can also be useful while walking alone on a road at night, an empty parking lot or anywhere where the user senses danger or even feeling slightly ill. In such situations, they can hold the panic button until they feel safe after which they can slide the panic button to disengage. In thecase of a threatening situation, the user can release the panic button and a call will be made to the emergency services for help. The app also enables the user to attach their location details, snap and send pictures of the attacker(s) while sending the emergency service or call. The app maintains a global database of hospitals, emergency numbers and police stations which can be accessed while travelling to different places.

The app, available for free on Google Play is developed to promote thesafety of citizens.  It has received great response from the users so far such as Allen Edwards who says, “Just found out about this app on the radio today. It’s great to have it on my phone and it works amazing.”

The developers of the app are working hard to add more safety features to the app. It won’t cost anything to download the app but it may be of real help in any unforeseen situations where safety is under threat. The app will help the user to get in touch with the emergency services on the go, especially in cases where the attacker snatches away the mobile phone.

More information about the app can be seen on Google Play.

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