New Basketball Head Coach 2 Mobile Game Launched with Realistic Coach Scenarios

Playing a sports simulation or game is only half the fun if you happen to be just another user or player in the game. With this basketball app, there is more to it – the user plays the role of the head coach, going through similar challenges and decision making dilemmas as real coaches.

The New Basketball Head Coach is now available in version 2 (both demo and full version), a more complex avatar of its previous version, and will appeal to all NBA lovers.

New Basketball Coach 2 (NBC 2) gives every user the opportunity to be that ‘Coach Popovich’, or head coach of the user’s favorite city. The virtual coach manages the squad, follows the game with the system running in live, browses live analysis and gets to select offensive tactics and aggressive defense work. The goal is still to win the championship, but with the added thrill of leading the teams as coach, act decisively, and prove one’s knowledge of the game to the Chairman, manager or the executive staff.

Among other things, the new version adds new features such as: comparing scores with the leader board, live match simulation, watching the system run live, building best starting lineup, player statistics during games, on court instructions, player positions, calling the play with best players, and so on. NBC 2 even allows signing up with teams who need the coach, and dealing with player injuries and unavailability.

NBC 2 is the most realistic version of the popular mobile game, and is likely to attract game lovers who are looking for more than an ordinary gaming experience. The software has been developed by Creations Fanswerin, the Canadian company with a passion for creating exciting sports games for mobiles.

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