The Monolama bracelet, designed by the architects is now live on Kickstarter

Monolama is a unique kind of bracelet that is designed by the professional architects. The bracelet developed through the vision of architects with thecrisp and innovative design is now available on Kickstarter for pre-ordering by pledging for various perks and rewards. The Kickstarter project, that features goal of $5000 provides achance to the backers to pre-order the ‘square ring’ at an early bird price of $10 and for $40, they can get the levitating bracelet at the special price.

Two young architects, inspired to design jewelry have created the levitating bracelet, using materials and objects that are seen everyday in the city. The design featuressharp lines, simple shapesand imaginative vision of the objects surrounding the people. The piece of jewelry is said to be a logical continuation of the Monolama philosophy.

The design is inspired by the concept of cable structures in architecture, where thin weightless strings hold the heavy and massive construction, in a similar way, the bracelet creates an effect of levitation. The user won’t face the weight of the bracelet on their hand and it would feel as if the bracelet is levitating in the air, almost weightless. The bracelet floats in the air, as per the shape of the wearer’s wrist.

The stretched strings attached to the bracelet do not touch the wearer’s hands and make the bracelet float around their wrist. Following the latest trend of sharp lines and innovation in the architectural industry, the architects have developed this remarkable piece of jewelry which is one of its’ kind.

The Monolama levitating bracelet comes in a chic square shape which adds instant style to any outfit.  It is available in different styles such as the mirror bracelet and the gold bracelet which can be pre-ordered by pledging for $60. The backers can also order the set of bracelets by pledging for $130 and the distributor’s pack of 10 pieces of the levitating bracelet is available for $350.

More information about the bracelet and the perks can be seen on

Monolama – a piece of architecture that is always with you.

Video teaser for Kickstarter campaign:

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