GEMMICS “GEM CERAMICS” – A New Variety in the World of Jewellery

Eternal Value Fine Jewellery Co., Ltd is a Taiwan company, specialising in the professional design and production of ceramic jewels. It started its operation in the Pearl River Delta in China in 1991, producing culturally creative ceramics. Now, it has gone across from producing cultural ceramics to fine jewellery. Its innovative company, GEMMICS, based on China’s 5000 years of traditional ceramic culture, developed a new concept of “gem ceramics”, bringing ceramics and jewels together with ingenuity.


GEMMICS has been granted six patents on inventions related to gem ceramics, signifying its leading position in the industry. It has outperformed its competitors in material, design and industrial applications. Through changing the genetic composition of the material, GEMMICS increases the hardness of ceramics to the level of diamonds by using microcrystalline zirconium nano-technology, making this traditionally fragile material much easier to preserve. Sintering in 1500ºC temperature also ensures the production of the most environmentally friendly material free of lead, cadmium and nickel. This kind of material is used for ceramic watches and is proved to be very durable. It is also used as implants for medical purposes.


In recent years, several luxurious brands, such as Chanel, Cartier, Damiani D. Icon and Chaumet Liens, have launched ceramic jewellery lines. Delicate and refined, these products appeal to consumers and arouse their aspirations for this new fashion wear. But the simplistic geometric and monochrome design of these brands cannot satisfy consumers growing demand for more varieties in appearances and colour.



Ceramics have a deep cultural root, and the techniques have developed over thousands of years. GEMMICS revived the most difficult traditional techniques of underglaze and blending glaze with modern craftsmanship. Each and every piece of the work is handmade by master craftsmen through complex firing procedures. Fired several times in kilns with temperatures between 1200ºC and 1300ºC, the ceramics are covered by glazes that are stunningly beautiful and will last forever. Each piece of work is unique and irreplaceable. As we have a strict selective process to ensure that only the finest of our glazed ceramics is used, only about 10% can be selected as fine works and used in jewels.


In order to break through the monotonous appearances of ceramic jewels on the market, GEMMICS uses 3D technology from Germany to process the moulds. This ensures the exquisiteness of its products, with only a ± 0.05 mm deviation at most. The gold 3D miniature pieces are just as accurate, with only a standard deviation of ± 0.02 mm. This also ensures the streamline and stereoscopic impression of the products, thus realising the most vivid and appealing visual effect.



GEMMICS works with top international designers to improve the appearances of gem ceramics, so that pieces can stand out in the market by its creative design. With our technology, the future of ceramics design is no longer restricted by material or style. The innovative designs of GEMMICS’ gem ceramics fully express their unique style and cultural connotation. In addition, state-of-the-art inlay techniques are used to process gold and jewels that are incorporated into these pieces as well. Each jewellery piece has to go through at least 120 complex treatments from moulding, embryonic, glazing and metal processing to reach the classic ideals of collectable qualities in shape, colour, texture, and charm.


GEMMICS’ mission is to produce gem ceramics with everlasting value. Ceramic jewels are no longer only appreciated by the eye, like fine art collections before the 19th century; GEMMICS now bring a fresh experience of environmental conservation, culture, and innovation to contemporary consumers. GEMMICS looks forward to working with jewel makers across the world and to share the Chinese ceramic culture by providing comprehensive solutions for the design and production of gem ceramics.



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