Energy Unblocked and Intelligent “Post Human Era” are Coming

Since the birth of universe, we have realized two big intelligence jumps, one is the birth of life, the other is the birth of human, nowadays, the third upcoming big intelligence jump we face is artificial intelligence!

On March9, 2016, the AlphaGo of Google ended 4000 years history of human’s domination of go game, and won in the go-the last bastion of human’s wisdom. There are 3^361 kinds of board situations, while the atom quantity of observable universe is 10^80, the stubborn function of go is quite unsmooth, the difference of one word will lead to a significant change of board situation. However, the AlphaGo developed by Google wins over the chess grandmaster.

The novel written by the robot invented by Zuoteng Songqi Lab of Nagoya College in Japan is selected for the first trail of “Xin Xingyi Award” of Nihon Keizai Shimbun. 

Google also carries out the “machine learning Ninja” plan and hopes that they could integrate AI into all products.

Computer scientist and AI expert, Stuart Russell of UC Berkeley expresses that almost all current financial transactions nearly could not do without AI in Wall Street.

AI has broken through the extremity of human evolution in many fields, the Training-an overturning AI financial project launched recently on the enhanced block chain californium platform of QITS company. Californium integrates users and its transaction links to form a deep study neural network, which could successfully predict future financial index. At present, californium opens several most important stock index parameters of the world, such as NASDAQ、FTSE、N225 and so on, and it will be more frequently used in predicting financial indexes in future.   

After the californium intelligence system is formed, this platform will promote “quantum fund”, and will set correspond limit according to the breadth and bearable quantity of californium intelligence. Californium “quantum fund” stores the data result distribution into synaptic linkage of network by supplying quantum technique and neural network and operates funds and ensures profits through operating californium intelligence system.

Deep study refers to deep study in neural network that AlphaGo wins over humans mainly depends on the working principle “deep study”. This not only could trace back all classical chess manuals during 4000-year history, but also could do treatment by billions of virtual chess manuals to challenge to countless states.

The history of human has been millions of years, but it maybe equals to several seconds compared with the extent of complexity and freedom in future after the big bang of intelligence. Energy unblocked and AI could cause multiple intelligence big bang, intelligent “post human era” is coming. It is so lucky that we are living in the era before intelligence jump point, and we shall grasp opportunity to make life integrate in infinite future of super intelligence.   

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