Remora Tracking; Revolutionary Technology That’s Redefining Safety

PHOENIX, AZ – On August 8 2016, Remora Tracking launched a $100,000 Kickstarter campaign to begin production for the world’s most advanced stand-alone tracking device. With their Kickstarter already 23% funded, the Remora Tracking “Dream Team” seeks an additional $78,000 over the next month to allow them to bring their working prototype to mass production. The Kickstarter campaign allows backers to receive the product before anyone else, and at a significantly discounted price.

“Our goal is to make safety cool again. Its application transcends so many markets that I can see this being a device everyone will want to have, and needs to have” says Sean McManus, Co-Founder of Remora Tracking. “We we’re tired of seeing missing persons’ cases or lost pet signs and decided, someone’s got to change this, we have got to change this.”

Remora Tracking is a key-sized device that allows you to find your missing pet, follow your child on their walk to and from school, track an athlete during a race, or locate your missing item. What you get is peace of mind in knowing the device will alert you of an emergency situation. Unlike other devices on the market, Remora Tracking does not need to connect to a cell phone, does not use Bluetooth to send its location, and does not need to be interacted with to work. Remora Tracking will send you notifications when your device has experienced a hard impact or has moved outside a predetermined geo-fence.

Co-Founders of Remora Tracking, Nicole Zeno and Sean McManus first conceptualized the idea after having difficulty tracking athletes during an Ironman triathlon. “In the 12th hour of the Ironman race, my dad asked me, ‘Where is your friend on course?’” says Remora Tracking Founder and CEO Nicole Zeno, “All I could answer was, ‘I don’t know,’ and I thought there must be a better way.”

Zeno, starting with her expertise in leading and growing small businesses, connected with Co-Founder Sean McManus who has 10 years’ experience in sales and managing community outreach efforts. From there, they began asking fellow athletes if they believed Remora Tracking could be a viable answer to the question of, “Where is my friend?”. What they soon discovered was that these athletes were not only focusing on the device’s application towards athletes, but also the application it could have towards missing children, lost pets, stolen items, tracking persons with dementia or autism and more.

With this knowledge in hand, they sought help in the form of product and software engineers to bring this project to life. Zeno and McManus recruited three other Phoenix-based entrepreneurs to create the Remora Tracking “Dream Team”. Robert Zeno, Director of Software Development, has over 7 years’ experience in web and software development. Jansen Currens, director of production and operations, has 24 years in semiconductor experience including 20 years of test process and hardware development. Raimondo Sessego, director of research and development, has 15 years’ experience in sensors and MEMS technology and 20 years’ experience in RF, cellular, and tracking technology.

“What makes us different is not that we are reinventing the wheel,” Zeno says. “We are making a device that takes into account real people and real lives. Remora Tracking is small and waterproof, so it does not interfere with daily life and it works almost everywhere. Remora Tracking is standalone, so your signal never has to rely on a cellphone, Bluetooth or a group of people using the same app. Most of all, Remora Tracking is practical. That’s what people want: not just technology for technology’s sake, but instead a practical solution to their everyday problems.”

To pre-order this device or learn more, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creators below. 

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