New Mexico Bird Lover Raises Money to Save Displaced Birds from 18,000 Acres of National Forest Destroyed by Fire

TIJERAS, NM – 25 Aug, 2016 – We admire birds for their beauty, song, and graceful flight.  We also admire their importance to the ecosystem as indicators of environmental health and change. Additionally, watching birds, like watching fish or other animals, seems to make people feel good – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  That explains why according to a recent Census Report, over 65 million Americans enjoy feeding birds in their own backyard as a convenient way to appreciate and study nature. 

In June of 2016, Dog Head Fire in New Mexico was ablaze, consuming nearly 18,000 acres. Some 1,000 firefighters worked around the clock to contain it; this just 10 miles from the tranquil beauty and home of bird-lovers, Kristen and Lawrence Clark. 

“My heart ached for the resulting loss, nearly 18,000 acres of beautiful forest and wildlife,” Kristen shared.  “But I was also grateful. Our home and belongings were spared. Our friends were eventually able to return to their homes.  And we now have ample opportunity to provide food, water, and habitat to many displaced and stressed birds.”

She went on to explain, “And the birds need our help. Research indicates that it will take some 100 years, if not more, before a forest will return to normal conditions after a fire. Unfortunately, not all of the birds can wait that long.”

Kristen is raising $10,500 dollars to create a certified wildlife habitat and provide the special care and feeding of the impacted birds. This the result of a definite surge in both population and species after the fire. But also because national forests aren’t staffed to provide adequate food or water for birds, especially during critical winter months or droughts when food and water are scarce.  Also, every certified habitat is a step toward replenishing resources for wildlife, both locally and along migratory corridors.

She says, “This is one way we can be kind and give back to Nature.”

About Backyard Birding Paradise

Kristen Clark is a fan of all things beautiful, with a special love for birds. The author of several bird books, including The Special Care & Feeding of Backyard Birds, she founded Backyard Birding Paradise to educate others on the benefits and value of bird-watching.

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