BitRecover Announces Free MHT File Viewer & MHT Converter Software Release

Free MHT File Reader tool was a much awaiting release online. User who want to open, view and read MHT file format can get most of their demands satisfied attempting option to download MHT Viewer free version. Further, MHT Converter Software is also ready to release soon.

Grandville, USA, August 25, 2016: Since its first email recovery software release on 2014, the data recovery and email converter side of BitRecover has moved from just an email management software developer to Advance Cyber Investigation Tool developer. This August 2016, they are coming up with all new range of free file viewer tools as well as powerful email converter toolkit. As BitRecover continues its efforts to improve its development strategies and user experience, the new release brings advance file viewer tools like Free MHT File Reader and updated versions of free PST Viewer, Free Windows Backup Viewer, and Free The Bat! TBB Viewer etc.

Why Announcement of Free MHT File Format Reader Tool Release Grabs More Attention?

Among the many free file viewer tools released this August by various software development companies online, the most discussed and appreciated one is the release of Free MHT File Reader from BitRecover, according to an internal survey result. The rapid increase in the graph for MHT File Reader Free Download count itself is the first clue about how important is this release for online user who deals with MHT file formats. MHTML or MHT file formats are the web page archive files created by Internet Explorer or Chrome like browsers when user save web page information. MHTML format stores the web page content such as text, flash animations, images, audio etc. in embedded form. Remapped information of the original web page will be saved in the MHTML (MIME HTML) file format. Microsoft One Note and ‘Save to Google Drive Extension’ for ‘Google Chrome’ also generate MHTML file format as one of its outputs. Thus, MHT files often carries crucial information that one cannot afford to lose. Even though multiple applications like Konqueror, Firefox, ACCESS NetFront and Internet Explorer etc. support to read or write MHTML file formats, the process to view MHT files is not easy as it is intended to be. Some of those applications demands for 3rd party add-ons and some others even for extension project, which make it a complex task for a user who want to open MHT file on an immediate note. Another impediment that MHT file users who want to preview MHT file content faces is the inability to batch read several MHT files in one go.

All this troubles and issues faced by MHT file format users lead to the increased demand for free MHT Reader download online. BitRecover always play their role perfectly well by the timely release of applications that is on hot seat in terms of user requirement. Free MHT File Reader tool is one such unique release, so itself it grabs more user attention than the release of other file viewers like Free PST viewer or Free The Bat! TBB Viewer etc.The option to batch preview MHT files is unique in BitRecover Free MHT File Viewer tool that makes it user choice to open MHTML/MHT file formats easily.

Words from the Project Development Team, BitRecover on August release of free file viewer tools, “Heraldingthe release of free MHT Reader and other updated free file viewer tools gives us much satisfaction as we are way ahead of our annual target software release list. This Mid-Year release of all new range of Free File Viewer and file converter tool is the result of many industry study reports as well as experimental before future releases. Similar to or more than the query of how to open MHTML file, the search index for MHT to HTML Converter Online & tool to convert MHT to PDF & other user friendly  file formats are also large in ratio. Thus, after this successful release of Free MHT file format Reader, we are releasing MHT Converter Software also in coming days. We are sure about the release of error free online MHT Converter is also going to be a hit among the user community who either receive MHT file from external source or have MHT file as the only source of information they are looking for. Digital Forensics Investigators and IT admins will find this free MHT File viewer and MHT Converter software of much help, as it will help them to save their time and effort in managing folder full of MHT file with the option to batch view MHT Files as well as convert MHT file format to desired file formats.”

FREE MHT FILE READER – Most Downloaded Free File Viewer Tool Online

Awaiting the release of MHT Converter software with various user friendly features can be a worth wait as till date whatever was released by BitRecover was amazingly user friendly and successfully result oriented. In the August release of products, MHT File Reader Free version hits the blockbuster chart first and others like Free Eudora Viewer, Free Netscape Viewer, Free IncrediMail Viewer etc. are also in the race to be the user choice free file viewer this month.

Improvements to its user interface and interoperability makes the update version of entire tool range from BitRecover a must try. Download free MHT file viewer and experience the excellent qualities it brings in like open batch MHT file to view, retain MHT file data integrity and support to any edition of Win OS. Before purchasing any of the tool online, it is suggested to check the free edition to check its ability as per user need.  

Conclusion: Team BitRecover always make sure that from email converter to free file viewer tools they release are fully supportive to latest editions of Windows OS and this time also the story is no different with FREE MHT file format reader. Along with the ability to open, view and read MHF file format, tool allows to preview folder full of MHT file all in one go, minimizing the time and effort in opening the single MHT file in browser or other supportive apps.  More is in store including MHT Converter software and other major email file format converters in coming months.

About BitRecover: With major releases in the email converter domain of BitRecover starting from January 2016, BitRecover set benchmark product list for any online user to refer. Free MHT File Reader and other updated free file viewer release makes this August 2016 release a mega hit. After this Mid-year release of products, company is set to release bundle of file converter solutions including MHT Converter software.

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