Top 3 Face Painting Video Tutorials for Beginners to Pros

Face Paint Kit Manufacturer Recommends Video Tutorial Resources

Face painting has become one of the most popular activities for children to get involved in these days. Whether it is to while away a rainy day at home during the holidays or a group event at a Childs birthday party, face painting is absorbing and fun for children of all ages.

For parents though it can pose a dilemma. Do you have the necessary artistic skills to manage and paint faces or do you need to hire someone to do it. Professional face painters can be expensive and so spending a few hours learning the basics and purchasing the materials oneself can save money, and more importantly makes the whole experience of face painting a great socially interactive pastime for both parent and child.

In a statement today by Amazon best selling Face Paint Kit manufacturer Bo Buggles they highlighted a few of the many resources that can be utilized by parents to allow them to get the most from the face painting event.

A spokesperson for Bo Buggles explained, “We try to provide all the necessary materials for any face painting event, big or small, to be successful. Our Super Buggly Face Paint Kit has more colors and more paint than anyone else. We have glitter gels and brushes and sponges for application. We also include stencils and an E-Book of some designs that are popular. But we wanted to highlight the vast resources that are available to parents so that they can get the most from their face painting event. We really like these three channels on You Tube. They will give great tips and show exactly how to paint professional looking designs that the kids will love.” (A large resource of designs – something to suit everyone) (For the Beginner, some useful tips and designs to get started) (Great examples of exactly how to construct popular characters and designs)

The ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit by Bo Buggles is launched exclusively on Amazon USA. During its launch period the ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit may be purchased at $16.95, a 52% discount to its RRP, (Recommended Retail Price). The ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit by Bo Buggles contains 14 x 4g colors that are FDA Compliant, Vegan, Paraben & Lead Free. The kit also contain also contains 2 x 10ml glitter gels, 2 brushes, 2 sponges, 1 twin tip applicator, boys & girls stencil sets, plus a bonus E-Book containing instructions for painting 8 face painting designs.

The spokesperson continued, “When you combine the quality of our paints and brushes with the resources mentioned you will be close to achieving a great face painting event that everyone will remember for a long time.”

Bo Buggles is manufacturer and distributor of The New Face Paint Kit  available exclusively on To purchase the new ‘Super Buggly’ Face Paint Kit please visit their page on Amazon at . For further information you may also go to their website at

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