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Trinity Publications Group launches nationwide search for Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals to be included in their second edition book, Outfox Obesity, to benefit the American Association Of Lost Children.

Christine Love, Founder of Trinity Publications Group, confirmed they have officially launched a nationwide search for Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals to be featured in the second edition book, “Outfox Obesity: Unique Ways To Overcome Bad Habits That Are Lethal To Your Health So You Can Finally Breakthrough To Peace, Love And Happiness.”

Detailing the search process, Love explained, “This is an important book for us because this second edition of Outfox Obesity expands the boundaries of the first edition. In this, and future editions, we’ll be focused on more mindset strategies and more alternative options for people struggling with obesity. That means, we’ll be reaching out to more Five Star Professionals who are true educators and advocates for the success of their clients; at the same time, we get to spread the word about a great cause.”

Trinity Publications Group has pledged 100% of the royalties from the retails sales of the “Outfox Obesity” book to be donated to the American Association for Lost Children (AAFLC), a non-profit organization which literally does hands-on investigations to find missing children at no cost to the parents. The organization has reunited 135 children with their families, operating on tax-deductable donations.

Love said, “I have two daughters so I feel the importance of the results achieved by the American Association For Lost Children. Also, America is in a health crisis. We’ve all heard the statistics that more than a third of America is obese and more than half is considered overweight. It’s time to stop the over-played mantra of “eat less and move more” and start a new conversation that deals with the underlying problems that cause obesity. Starting this new conversation and supporting this cause a powerful combination.”

Love has a special attachment to this project because she was morbidly obese for most of her adult life. Then she lost over 100 pounds with a gastric bypass surgery and maintained a healthy weight (according to medical standards) of 155-165 pounds for fifteen years.

However, two children and nine years later, Love has gained an additional thirty pounds which has pushed her over the line into obesity once again. Love states, “I never thought I’d have to worry about weight issues again. Seeing the scale approaching 200 pounds is terrifying. I don’t want to be obsessed with my weight again. I’ve got two little girls. So for the first time, I’m looking to make some real lifestyle changes. Changes that make sense. Changes that work for me. Changes that can celebrate my life and fill it with fun, not calorie counting.”

With several industry leaders expressing interest in participating, Trinity Publications Group (TPG) anticipates the Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals selected to be featured in the book will provide practices, mindsets and realities that will bring new hope to people struggling with obesity.

Scheduled for a fall 2016 release, “Outfox Obesity: Unique Ways To Overcome Bad Habits That Are Lethal To Your Health So You Can Finally Breakthrough To Peace, Love And Happiness” will be available in both kindle and trade paperback formats through Amazon.com and other major book retailers. The official publication date is scheduled for September 29, 2016.

Find out more about this project at http://TrinityPublicationsGroup.com

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