Queen Reigns for Over 60 years in England, and the Next King of Wales is Prince William; Plus England’s Princess Jessica

LONDON, UK – 8/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The Queen of England has dedicated her life to over 60 years of service. Britons Great Queen continues to travel to various countries throughout the world over decades inspiring the world to be better overall. Starting at a young age she address the public during times when the people needed her the most sharing messages of hope.

Over the years, the Queen verbally communicated the issues of the world and that resolutions are vital. The world has been her focus and being of service to the people, and she decided to take a moment to dine with the Duke of Cambridge William and his wife the Duchess on her special day.

And Prince William will become the King of Wales and it is such a great honour for him and his family. Certain royal moments in Prince William’s family are similar to moments in Princess Jessica’s separate royal family.

Princess Jessica set August 17th as World Health, Beauty, and Fashion Day, and has taken an interest in the Wounded Warriors Project, United Nations of New Zealand, World Food Bank, and other organisations. The single British-Mixed Royal Princess recently shared a message with one of the organisations about helping. Princess Jessica is humble and kind and is hoping to live over 90 years to be of service to the world.

People from all over the world have taken a moment to bow to Princess Jessica Carol White. And after speaking to someone about an article, Princess Jessica listened to a man in America verbally communicate to her ‘God Save the Queen’ showing his support for her.

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