Girls Check It out The Cutest Transport Smart Airwheel E3 Backpack E bike

Airwheel foldable electric bike can be environment-friendly, cool as well as cute! Airwheel E3 is specially designed for female, which is lovely and quiet as wind.

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Intelligent, cool and green are the consistent impressions of Airwheel electric scooter and many people choose it because of these impressions. Actually, among all the models of Airwheel electric scooter, there is a model which is cute and lovely. That is Airwheel E3 battery operated bicycle. It has small scooter body and is called “city elf” by people.

Airwheel E3 battery operated bicycle

Among all the models of Airwheel electric scooter, Airwheel E3 electric bicycle in backpack is the smallest one. There is an exclusively designed backpack for E3, folding size 474mm×399mm×374mm only weighing 12.5kg. The innovative “double O” design is conducive to folding. Small though E3 is, its aluminum alloy frame can bear 100KG load. For girls, this small and light bike body makes it easy and convenient to carry.

Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike

In the aspect of appearance design, Airwheel E3’s body uses white as the main color. The contracted line, perfect curve and adorable color make users feel happy. No matter you are a cute girl or a cool girl, with Airwheel E3 Smart E Bike, you can show the lovely side and become the spotlight in the street. E3 App realizes fault self-diagnosis and setting speed, except the basic functions like positioning and data checking etc. Left-right design saddle is to gain balanced force and good ventilation. High strength alloy arm-brace makes E3 convenient to park.

For female especially those who are new to scooter or bad in sports, Airwheel E3 is easier to master. They only need five minutes to get the hang of this lovely bike.  E3 makes riding labor-saving and efficient with 20km/h. The built-out modular battery design with USB port empowers E3 battery operated bicycle to play a versatile role. 

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Airwheel E3 is called “city elf” not only because it is small and cute, but also because of its features of being pollution-free and noise-free. The emergence of it sparked a flurry in green commuting. Airwheel E3 smart electric folding bike is powered by electricity. The imported lithium battery brings stronger power, lower energy consumption and longer service time. 

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