New Documentary “Mission Save Her” Examines Plight of Women in India Who Are Sexually Victimized

Women around the world are often the target of sexual violence.  In the U.S., there is a sexual assault once every two minutes.  In the U.K., almost a fifth of the female population has experienced one form of sexual assault or another. In India, where many misconceptions about rape abound, a woman is raped every 22 minutes. In recent years, there have been horrifying news stories about the rape and murder of Indian women which have whipped up international outrage.

Among the growing number of people incensed by the prevalence of sexual crimes in India is Reggie Benjamin, an American celebrity of Indian heritage.  Upon learning of the rape and hanging murders of two young girls in India, Reggie enlisted the help of film producer Nitish Kannan to produce “Mission Save Her” a documentary about one young Indian girl who was raped and disfigured.  This compelling, powerful film has the support of many of Reggie’s celebrity friends including Justin Bieber, Eric Benet, Brian Mcknight,  Faith Evans and many others.

“Mission Save Her” promises to not only raise awareness about victimized women around the world, but will provide insights into the life of one young victim. Reggie Benjamin and his team are also using the funds raised by the film to help pay for this young girl’s travel to medical clinics and the care needed to treat her wounds.

You can participate in this special effort to heal at least some of this young girl’s injuries and shine a spotlight on this horrifying epidemic of sexual violence. Reggie Benjamin has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help raise funds to help complete and distribute “Mission Save Her”.  In return for your generous support of this important project, you can get once-in-a-lifetime perks like a Producer Credit, copy of the film, VIP tickets to the premiere, meeting with Eric Benet, VIP Meet and Greet, Grammy ticket, Emmy ticket or a Private jet ride with celebrities and producers. 

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