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Zenni Family Services (ZFS) announces launch of an Indiegogo Campaign for their single parent app.

Zenni Family Services LLC‚ the ultimate resource for single parents to know all about parenting and child custody‚ has announced launching of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for their single parents app. Single parents looking for the best app with great features at the lowest price will find the single parents app from Zenni Family Services‚ the ideal one for handling the custodial process in the right manner.

“We are pleased to announce that we are launching our Indiegogo Campaign for our mobile app on August 19th‚” says the spokesperson for Zenni Family Services. “Single parents who are wanting to purchase an app that can help them become a better single parent can pre-order our unique single parent mobile app now. Our mobile app has many unique features‚ carefully designed to qualitatively improve child support.”

Zenni Family Services is offering the mobile app for single parents as well as lawyers specializing in Family Law. Lawyers can save money by availing of the special bundled packaging.

The ZFS app is unique than other similar apps available on the market because of its truly unique features designed carefully to help organize single parents. They can track custody‚ calculate child support and expenses and also upload and store court documents pertaining to motions and orders. The app can also help them upload PDF files such as police reports and doctors notes. This can help parents have a neat and organized record of domestic abuse and maintain details of children with special needs. The app can also be used to generate reports for court hearings in any format including spreadsheet‚ pie chart or line graph.

According to the ZFS spokesperson‚ their single parent app also has a number of additional features to make co-parenting more convenient for single parents. “Our mobile app has features such as push notifications for instant and updated information about entries‚ internal text messaging‚ GPS tracker and others that can provide judges ample proof of claims and counterclaims. Family Law lawyers will find our single parent app extremely handy to support their arguments with irrefutable proof.” the spokesperson added.

A key advantage of pre-ordering the Zenni Family Services single parent app is its extremely pocket-friendly pricing. The company is offering special discounted pricing for single parents and bundled packaging for lawyers when they order during the crowdfunding campaign. The Early Bird Special offer under the crowdfunding will be capped at the first 100 orders while the bundled packaging for lawyers will be capped at the first 25 orders.

Zenni Family Services aims to help single parents avoid the mistakes that can land them in trouble when it comes to fighting for the custody of their children. The app can help single parents take the stress and tension out of handling custodial responsibilities by avoiding the little errors that can affect their claims to custody adversely.

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