ONEaudio redefines the portable sound by DECT technology

It’s time to rewrite the story of portable speakers. With the success of the previous project, ONEclassic speaker, ONEaudio is proud to present ONEmicro which shares the same DECT audio technology.

Sound quality is getting more and more important in portable speaker. ONEaudio recently announced that they have developed a new speaker system, ONEmicro, will totally change the way people enjoy music wirelessly with its audiophile sound and handy size. The innovative concept and design for DECT speaker has already won CES Innovation Awards 2016 and DECT Innovation Award 2016, and now ONEaudio requires the assistance of the online crowd to make this project a success through their support and monetary contributions. The company will launch their second crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on 29 Aug 2016, which will cover the costs of tooling, manufacturing and marketing the new ONEmicro speakers.

The developer of ONEmicro, Kenneth, the chief engineer of ONEaudio believes audiophile sound could not be achieved without a true stereo speaker system. He further explained that the existing so-called “stereo” Bluetooth/Wifi speaker in the market is actually not a true stereo.  They all suffer from significant timing error between two channels due to its technology limitation. Such timing error results in inferior sound quality.

What ONEaudio is offering now is the excellent stereo effect. They replace Bluetooth with DECT technology. It solves the problem by perfect channel synchronization, removing the time delay of sound. ONEmicro gives a pure and natural sound, together with a clear sound stage.

ONEmicro offers 20 hour playtime for every 3-4 hours of charging which is another superior feature of the speakers compared to the alternatives. The speakers will come in a set of two for real stereo and will make the perfect companions for laptop, PC and smartphone.

Once you have these speakers on hands, not only you enjoy lively true stereo music but you can transform the speakers to 2.1, 5.1, speaker network and event PA system. The team aims to develop later speakers with the same technology and compatible with previous models.

There are plenty of cool perks and rewards up for grabs, including ONEmicro speakers, ONEaudio has specifically designed these perks to reward the generosity of all those who will support the campaign through their monetary contributions. Due to their prior experience with crowdfunding for ONEclassic cabinet speakers, the company is confident that they will be able to successfully tackle all risks and challenges to see the project through and deliver it on time, as per the schedule.

ONEmicro’s concept and design has been reviewed and talked about by various technology and gadget experts and reviewers which highlight the many positive aspects of the device and also its limitations.

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About: ONEaudio is an innovative brand under Sinotech Communication Ltd. The company is a Hong Kong R&D engineering house which has investigated the short range wireless communications over the past twenty years.

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