High Voltage Capacitor Manufacturer HV-Caps.biz Provides Cost-Effective Solutions to Electronics Industry

China based high voltage ceramic capacitor manufacturer, HV-Caps.biz, has been providing cost-effective and scalable solutions to the electronics industry since 1999. The high-voltage ceramic capacitors launched by the company have many desirable attributes.

HV-Caps.biz, registered as HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co. Ltd, is a 1999 born company that has gone from strength to strength while manufacturing and supplying top-grade ceramic capacitors for the electronics manufacturing industry. The high voltage ceramic capacitor manufacturer from China offers many industry-grade high-voltage capacitors to its clients spread across the global electronics equipment manufacturing sector.

The China high voltage capacitor manufacturer produces HV ceramic capacitors with DC voltage ranging from 1 KV to 50 KV. Also, according to the owners, their manufactured ceramic capacitors have capacitance up to 15000 PF in just 40 KV. The company now produces both disc style and door knob style ceramic capacitors.

“The doorknob style capacitors are already in use in smart grids in the USA and Germany. We have the right equipment such as silver printing equipment, taping equipment, digital measuring projection equipment, capacitance and dissipation equipment along with the necessary infrastructure and skills, which enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients spread all over the world, with a number of them nestled in Europe and North America”, said the product division head of Hi-Caps.biz.

The Shenzhen based company sells three major types of high-voltage capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, doorknob capacitors, and multiplayer capacitors. Apart from that, the doorknob capacitor manufacturer also sells and exports high-voltage resistors and RF power capacitors. “We sell both tube type and planer type HV resistors”, added the product division head.

“It is a matter of great pride of us that many world-class companies such as Philips, Mindray, Landwind, Siemens, GE, Hitachi, Honappa, EEV and the likes use our capacitors. We have our esteemed clients in different parts of Asia, Europe and the Middle East. We sell non-inductive capacitors that have high voltage, bigger power, wide-range resistance, and are all surface-coated”, told the CEO and managing director of the company why announcing the launch of the company’s latest products at a press conference held at Great China International Plaza. He also added that interested buyers can place queries with the sales team to receive more information about shipment.

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HV-Caps.biz is a reputable manufacturer and seller of high-voltage capacitors.

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