International Award Winning Artist

International Renowned Artist has made a significant contribution to the American Artist industry.

IB Art Award winner, Dennis Tae Wook Kim refuses to be bound to one medium of artistic expression. Refusing to be limited to one form, his expands his talent by mastering various genres of art. Dennis is an extraordinary Fine Artist who is well know within his industry, internationally and nationally.

“Look at the world around you. It is not just one thing. It is a collection of air, water, earth and everything that makes those items up. When I create my fantasy worlds, they share this breadth of creation with the world around us,” he said. Kim creates paintings, drawings and 3-D works. His illustration work is done on wood and woven materials like, canvas and muslin. The materials are as varied as he can find which will adhere to the surfaces. The 3-D works incorporate a similarly wide range of materials for effect and color.

“The world around us is not just metal, wood, paint, or ink. It’s everything and more. Art should reflect that,” he said. “It can’t be held to just one form, one idea, one material.”

Getting that true reflection of the fantasy worlds he brings to life with his art means he is always looking for new materials and new ways to combine them. The artist says finding new ways to bring express what he imagines is a major part of his art. “I have some ideas of what I will do next, but then I also do not know what my imagination will come up with next. That’s the beauty of creating fantasy worlds and bringing them to life. They live through my work, but how they live remains to be fully expressed,” he said.

A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Kim’s work as a professional artist began to achieve serious acclaim in 2011. Since then his work has been seen in exhibitions in Rhode Island and several Italian cities.


I am attracted to the mysticism of the fantasy genre in storytelling. It allows me to explore the depthless walls of my inner mind, where I can reflect on my own fantasies molded by myths, magical realism, and video games. My own myths reveal themselves to me through dreams and subconscious revelations. I play in my inner mind.

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