Leading Face Paint Brand Set the Standard for Quality this Halloween

“The AWESOME FUN Halloween Face Paint Kit”
The market-leading face paint brand ‘AWESOME FUN’ has really lived up to it’s awesome name by releasing a brand new Halloween face paint kit that is designed to be of much higher quality than customers usually expect.

As the latest new product release in the AWESOME FUN face paint range, this Halloween face paint kit is geared up to be a huge hit with kids this Halloween.  It has attracted rave reviews so far, due to the high quality of the face paint together with the great value provided by the sheer amount of paint in this ‘extra-large palette’.  Face Paint stencils are even provided with 12 Halloween-themed characters – a feature that is under huge demand from parents who are not confident about their artistic skills.

The Marketing Director from AWESOME FUN said:

“We’ve done a lot of market research, and we found that most parents absolutely hate the quality of the face paint typically available around Halloween.  They complained about poor face coverage, not enough paint colors, insufficient paint volume, flimsy cases and poor brushes, with bristles that fall out.

We were shocked at just how shoddy the quality of many other kits actually is, and we wanted to create something that parents could use with confidence.”

According to customer reviews, AWESOME FUN seem to have succeeded in their quest to create a great quality product.  One reviewer stated:

“In the past I always bought the cheap sets.  Well, there is a big difference between this set and the others. The paint goes on smoother and brighter. Just wet your brush and dab it in the color you want. You don’t need much at all. This kit will last a long time.”

The colors provided in the kit are perfect for any Halloween design.  Zombies, skeletons, pumpkins or witches – all of these are easy with the colors provided.  By offering more paint colors in the set, (12 in total), parents no longer have to mix colors to create new shades, making it much easier to use.  This also means the other paint colors won’t get spoiled, so you can re-use them at a later date.  The Marketing Director said:

“Parents told us that they were sick and tired of Halloween face paint sets that barely lasted one evening.  They wanted something bigger and better – something that could be used for Halloween face painting parties.  Then when the party is over, they want some face paint leftover so it can be enjoyed again.  We believe that we have designed a kit that meets all of these requirements.”

By creating a product with a sturdy carry case, this allows our customers to transport the kit more easily, and store it more safely.  This makes it great for Halloween events and parties, and also provides better value as the kit is much longer-lasting than others on the market.”

There are also 12 Halloween themed stencil shapes included in the face paint kit, which means that parents do not have to be artistically talented to enjoy the kit.  Children can also paint themselves or their friends and still manage to come up with an impressive looking design.  The Marketing Director said:

“We’ve had some great feedback about the Halloween face paint stencils.  Firstly because we have never come across another kit that even includes them, and secondly because it keeps kids entertained for longer and gives parents a break.  Kids feel really accomplished when they paint something that looks impressive, and stencils give them a chance of doing that.”

One mother commented:

“I love the Halloween stencil shapes that come with this kit.  It is such a great idea and I’ve never seen them available before.  My 6 year-old son loved the spider and went around scaring other kids!  He had a lot of fun and it looks much more realistic than anything I could have painted!”

Now on special offer for a limited time, grab your AWESOME FUN Halloween face painting kit now while stocks last!

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