Practical and Step-By-Step Way To Build Lasting Confidence

29 August, 2016 – Prolific writer, Rock Bankole, through his book Captivating Confidence: How to Confidently Take Charge Of Your Life, presents a simple and effective way to overcome shyness and start winning through confidence. Captivating Confidence: How To Confidently Take Charge of your Life. The 55 pages e-book is a well-researched, and easy-to-read-book, highlighting practical ways to gaining confidence and live confidently. As acknowledged by numerous readers, the book is motivating and informative.

No doubt, confidence is one of the greatest ingredients in achieving success. The most important thing to protect is confidence and belief in self. It is the foundation of all personal success. Anything can be achieved when there is self-confidence, but failure is imminent when there is doubt, even with the perfect resources available; self-confidence makes a huge difference. 

A reader of the book comments, “What a book! After reading so many self-improvement books, this one takes a different approach, reminding the reader to step away from the book every few pages and be aware of your own thoughts. It also gives a fresh perspective that negative thoughts are not negative; they are the human tendency. The author’s examples and own stories keep the book entertaining and easy to relate.

Another buyer on Amazon comments, “How to Confidently take Charge of your life – How to indeed? A lot of us might be having this question. This is especially true in this time and age when confidence plays a crucial role in making sure that we will succeed. As the book said, and I quote: “Confidence is the key ingredient that can make amazing things happen in your life.” We really need to have that captivating confidence that will help us get amazing and wonderful things in life. I find the discussions in this book encouraging and profound, something really worth considering. The exercises to see how confident one is are also helpful.”

About The Author

Rock Bankole is a creative and prolific writer Rock writes his book for a specific range of people such as those who are dealing with addiction, health issues, financial difficulties and also for the people who are interested in personal development and entrepreneurship.

He took a serious interest in creating very inexpensive step-by-step and easy to follow self-help books about personal improvement, and entrepreneurship books, ebooks and blog contents that are focused on solving a real life challenges and helping the reader overcome a specific life threatening issue without spending countless hours reading lengthy book that is not solution oriented but costly.

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