Curly’s Big Blade Plumbing Now Offering Slab Leak Repair Services In Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth, TX Curly’s Big Blade Plumbing, a plumbing service based in Fort Worth, TX, has announced that they will begin offering slab leak repair services to their clients in the Texas region. The service is meant to help avert slab and property damage due to leaks and pipe damage. The company, which offers a full range of plumbing services such as drain unblocking and hot water heater installation is hoping to fill the slab leak repair niche that it feels has not been sufficiently addressed in the area.

Slab leaks pose a huge danger to homes and homeowners,” says Curly, the company’s current owner. “Slab leaks can cause grave damage to the flooring and even the walls. The immediate damage is that of cracks, followed by concrete chipping, and later concrete cancer. However, the danger doesn’t stop there. With time, the flooring could start to settle, and this requires expensive repairs. If unchecked, settling could easily damage the walls and completely ruin a property. And even when the slab leaks are not so dire, they cause problems such as mold, mildew, algae, and even respiratory hazards.”

Using their slab leak repairs, Curly’s Big Blade Plumbing hopes to help homeowners in the area avoid the consequences of the problem. Using their experience, they can trace where the leaks are originating from, and by cutting through the affected area, they can repair or replace the affected piping. According to Curly, the company has done this repair numerous times, and all the technicians are fully capable of doing an outstanding job.

Slab leak repairs are disastrous if not corrected. The water damage is continuous until it’s abated. Unfortunately, such leaks are often detected late. This is because it’s sometimes easy to confuse the internal leaking with rising damp from the ground. In some cases, the leaks are multiple so a lot of skill is needed to eradicate the problem in full. This may sometimes require leak detection equipment and concrete or thermal imaging equipment.

Curly, the Fort Worth plumber operating the locally owned and operated family business for more than 30 years in hopes that the new service will help his company to provide more value to his community.

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