Hite Jinro, Southeast Asia, Middle East expansion

Constitutional changes in global company!

Thailand, Vietnam, etc. supply expansion Localization
Southeast Asian exports next year to achieve 20 million 弗
UAE etc. also sales target of 200,000 boxes
Thanks domestic foreign attack, strong sales force
Share earnings expectations in the third quarter

Hite Jinro (000080) sets out the changes to the constitution of a global company. A presence in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, including the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and the Philippines plans to raise the foreign market as a new growth engine.

We get a good response recently released two new products in overseas markets overseas strategy has been more resilient. Last October has become popular with first time exporters ‘Grapefruit dew’ box adds up to 3,500 seconds three times the volume of exports in the coming months but enough to buy the locals in Thailand. Typically, if the board Cana rum, such as the first fruit exporter Hite Jinro’s strategy chosen Thailand as the dew drink grapefruit consider how the Thai drink mixed with juice on ice right away will. Grapefruit dew succeeded in exporting to Southeast Asia, places such as Vietnam (Box 3500), based on its success in Thailand and Cambodia (1740 boxes), Malaysia (1,250 boxes), Singapore (1,750 boxes).

Recently the market is also aiming to expand into Vietnam Hite Jinro rapid economic growth are apdatwo companies around the world. Hite Jinro has been directly targeting the local market, opening an office in Hanoi early this year. Hite Jinro said, “Vietnam office will forward to going to three in Southeast Asia based in headquarters,” said “Vietnam is localized, such as local businesses affiliated with Original Equipment contract manufacturing (OEM) production through depending on market conditions as a big growth potential compared to other Southeast Asian region plan to strengthen,” he said. In addition, it signed a local convenience store headquarters and the Suzhou ‘chamyiseul’ contracts since 2012 in the Philippines. The chamyiseul the current 200 stores are supplied. Especially in the capital, Manila stores are popular enough to be sold in the chamyiseul 90% of the stores.

Export performance also out performance. Last year, Hite Jinro exports in Southeast Asia increased 44.3% year-on-year to $ 8.97 million. Hite Jinro is reported to be the Southeast Asian exports as much as $ 20 million next year, twice the level of last year, showing a faster rate of economic development.

Hite Jinro has deulyigo the ball to the Middle East market, including Southeast Asia, followed by the United Arab Emirates. Following Iraq were exported from the existing June last year and exported 6.4% of alcohol and alcoholic beer ‘Heights Stronghold (Hite strong)’ in the United Arab Emirates. Since sales began two months chamyiseul and ‘a la carte career’ at Dubai airport duty-free shops. The company sells a total of 60 000 boxes in the Middle East this year, plans to export 200,000 boxes over the next year.

Hite Jinro has been moving aggressively to expand consumer groups through a variety of product development. In March, it launched the peach flavor carbonated weeks ‘toktok dew’ and has advanced to full-scale carbon market shares. Toktok is 3.0 degrees give dew alcoholic carbonated peach flavor. Clothe the baby pink color that women prefer a clean image of transparent glass bottle expressed the taste and characteristics of the products symbolically. Young released a yeoseongcheung targets dew teuktok gotta sell about 2,000 bottles released in four months produced a blast. Last April, showed the changed product attributes across all sectors, including raw material proportion and technique, more evolved brand “Hite olnyu (All new hite)’. Olnyu Heights is easy to make a slight adjustment to the mokneomgim raw materials such as malt and hops content with the old 4.3% optimized alcohol content beer. Brand also revived a clean, modern image to greatly simplify the infographic. In May, progress has also launched a promotion that Song Joong-gi Hite Jinro Can specialist model.

Securities are reported to be going, thanks to strong sales overseas and domestic Hite Jinro’s improved performance. Hite Jinro second quarter decreased 1.7 percent YoY, operating profit increased speculative demand that he come to the rumors about the competitor’s products would be to raise beer prices a mere 276 billion. However, the third quarter is starting to regain market share inventory elimination of competitors’ products, it is expected to increase sales dew toktok new product performance is to be improved. According to the financial information provider epeuaen guide Hite Jinro is expected to grow third quarter sales of 5,229 billion won, operating profit of 51.7 billion won recorded a 4.18% YoY, respectively, 7.26% this year. The fourth quarter of 5088 is also estimated to be 2.75% increase in sales YoY won, 33.4 billion won operating profit increased by 6.37%. Gimseung SK Securities (001 510) Researchers “dew toktok and mango Ringo will yield revenue of each month 10 billion won and 20 billion won,” said “side of Suzhou are expecting new momentum to be ready in the second half of the premium new product launch,” he said.

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