Firm Offering Pest Control & Lawn Spraying Service In Tampa Bay

Tampa, FL – A family owned and operated business in Tampa Bay, Florida is offering pest control and lawn spraying services to homeowners in the region. The company, Tampa Lawn and Pest Control, has been serving the area for many years and is devoted to maintaining a pest-free environment for all of their customers. Unlike many similar businesses in the region, Tampa Lawn and Pest Control stands out for their commitment to kicking out pests, not just inside their customers’ homes but their lawns as well.

“Our focus is on the people as much as the pests,” says owner Eddie Melcon. “That is why we concentrate on eradicating pests from any environment that our customers will be present.  As it turns out, the lawn is a big part of any home’s dwelling space. Families play, eat, and gather outdoors. And even for those families who aren’t the outdoorsy type, if the home is treated for pests and the lawn is not, there is a high chance that pests still present in the yard will make their way back into the home. This defeats the purpose of carrying out the extermination process in the first place. Many home pests have their habitats out on the lawns, like ants and termites.”

Mr. Melcon goes on to say that his company offers the best pest control in Tampa Bay. To be the best in the region, his company uses environmentally friendly products. This is meant to avoid damaging the grass during lawn care maintenance as well as prevent introducing harmful chemicals into people’s homes; chemicals that could be ingested or inhaled and cause negative reactions. He also asserts that his pest control formula, unlike that of many of his competitors, aims to eliminate pests entirely by targeting entire colonies, as opposed to simply targeting the few pests that are visible to the naked eye.

Tampa Lawn and Pest Control offers pest inspection services as well, for cockroaches, lice, ants, termites, rats, bedbugs, bats, flies, mosquitoes and many more. So when searching for the right pest control company in the Bay area, or for the best termite inspection Tampa has to offer or for those who have never had their house or lawn treated for these pests, Tampa Lawn and Pest Control is the smart choice.

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Company Name: Tampa Lawn and Pest Control
Contact Person: Jesse Trimble
Phone: 727-888-2239
Address:5470 E Busch Blvd, Suite 169
City: Tampa
State: FL
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