GoSurrogacy Launches Directory To Help People Find Surrogate Agencies And Related Resources Easily

Gosurrogacy.com, an international online site dedicated to providing surrogacy information to the public, has launched a directory aimed at helping interested parties find surrogacy agencies and other resources typically needed during surrogacy. The site has launched the directory on their site gosurrogacy.com, and it’s open to any user globally. The new directory is intended to help members of the public locate surrogates, surrogacy agencies, egg donors, sperm donors, IVF clinics, legal services, and even financing.

“It’s a big step for the surrogacy industry,” said Alonso, a representative of Gosurrogacy.com. “There are a lot of gray areas in the surrogate industry. Interested parties are looking to find this information, and some do not always find it. Through this directory, anyone will be able to go online and easily locate surrogacy agencies, surrogate parents, IVF clinics, and legal counsel surrounding surrogacy arrangements. Usually, we have tried to provide this information to all those who reach out to us. But with this directory in place, the information will flow faster and farther. It’s going to be a big help to all the stakeholders.”

As Alonso explains, the Gosurrogacy.com directory will allow people that are looking to have a surrogate child locate potential surrogates near them either directly or through surrogacy agencies. In the same way, it will allow mothers/couples wishing to be surrogates to find potential agencies of prospective parents looking for their services. Both parties will also be able to locate the legal, medical and financial help that is needed in surrogacy. And the clients will not be the only ones to benefit. The agencies, too, will benefit by accessing more clients in need of their services.

Surrogacy is growing thanks to the medical innovations of IVF technology. With directories such as this one launched by Gosurrogacy.com, hard-to-find information will now be easier to find for all those seeking to either surrogate or to find a surrogate. Such a directory will allow people to find surrogacy resources near them faster, cheaper, and more easily. It’s a win-win across the board. The long term effect is that there will be fewer negative incidents in the surrogacy industry as people will be in a position to find the right information and people before engaging in surrogacy.

Luckily, the Gosurrogacy.com directory is global, so anyone in the world can access it. The agencies listed therein are also internationally based. So whether you’re in the US, Europe, Canada, Latin America, Australia or elsewhere, you too can benefit from this resource.

For more information, contact Gosurrogacy.com through alonso@gosurrogacy.com

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