Wounded by Christianity Healed by GOD

FT. WASHINGTON, MD – 29 Aug, 2016 – Inspired by the account of a young woman born gifted with being clairvoyant and having the ability to speak to angels and those who’ve crossed over to the other side.

Wounded by Christianity: Healed by God is a book about the challenges Neteira encountered growing up spiritually gifted around Christians who didn’t understand GOD’s call on her life.  She hide herself because she was not accepted.  She was taught that her gifts were demonic and that god didn’t love her.  She was told to keep her abilities to herself.  In many cases she was not welcomed around certain people.  She felt like an outcast.

She asked god why.  Why did you make me this way?  Why do you hate me so?  I can’t love you any more than I do.  What do you need me to do to take this curse of me?  You name it and I’ll do it.  Neteira will never forget the day GOD answered.

Read the amazing story about how GOD took Neteira from religion to relationship.  Check out her book trailer on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhICEciLREo

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About the author

Neteira Anu El holds her doctoral degree from CEB University of Metaphysics.  She is also a certified coach, speaker and a leader with the John Maxwell team.

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