The Mystery of The Black Hole is Finally Solved, and Not by a Scientist!

A black hole is without a doubt, the greatest mystery in the universe, but then again times are a changing. American Filmmaker, Damon T. Berry may have unlocked this mystery with a powerful and persuasive dissertation.  The film is called, “The Knowledge Of The Forever Time,” and it is a five part film series that literally upends nearly every teaching we have ever been taught.

What is different about these films is that they detail an ancient intelligence that has completely escaped our perception. In the 5th installment, which is called, “An Invitation,” Berry reveals the science of a black hole, and after that he accurately undresses it.

Revealing each piece of its structure and at the same time showing you how it works and more importantly what it does.

The Black Hole is one of the most important creations in the universe, and it is more important to human beings than anything we have ever seen. A black hole is not a burning and churning death spiral, and instead it is actually a door. A gateway into the cosmos, but this gateway is unlike anything you have ever seen.

We all know what a wormhole is, but do we know how to create one, enter one, and even more, do we know how to navigate one once inside.  The film spares no expense in details and literally provides a map and instructions on how to enter a black hole and then safely exit one. There is a spoiler factor to the story, so for those who are willing to undergo this brain enhancement I will not give it all away.

What is the most astounding part of this story is the fact that this technologically advanced knowledge doesn’t even come from our world. It actually comes from a prehistoric world, a world that we have dismissed as uninteresting and worthless.

Sadly, that prehistoric world is ours, and unbelievably this technological blueprint of the cosmos was painted in a cave 50,000 years ago.  It is a story and a knowledge that is truly staggering, and it will leave you shaken and a changed person. It is a five part film series and it is definitely worth your time.  What is the most amazing thing about these films is that they are released to the public for free. Berry calls this, “The Age of Enlightenment,” and he believes that this leap in knowledge is meant to be for all of us. Reality Check, if a major studio gets wind of this these films they won’t be, so log on to YouTube and Damon T. Berry. Writer, because these films won’t be free for very long.


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