The Chinese Men Victoria Show – “Gentleman Show” (Chengdu)

“Gentleman Show” has launched with the name of gentry; it is a large collection for men with excellent life attitudes in the 12 fields, different regions and different ages from 6 to 60 in China, and focuses on the collection platform for men with excellent life attitudes in China.


“Gentleman Show” is not only a great cross-border cooperation event for men in different fields, but also a grand gathering for manifesting the style and pursuit of Chinese men! Looking for the Chinese “knights” with excellent life attitudes in different industries to show their unique styles in this largest men platform. For they have made great contributions to the society, thus their great efforts worth memorizing and appreciating. This platform has been built for their professionals to show their strength and beauty, style and expectation, and to develop their professions successfully.

After Hangzhou – Shanghai – Milan – Xi’an – Guangzhou, 100 Chinese men with their unique life attitudes in different industries will gather together. “Gentleman Show” (Chengdu), we are coming!


Chengdu has played an irreplaceable important role in the economic development of the Chinese west region. The rise of Chengdu has led the development of the whole Chinese west region. This famous cultural city with different nationalities and immigrants and with more than 3000 years history has its own unique charm! The men of the city interpret the culture of the city!

The gathering of Gentleman Show (Chengdu) has started. All the talents, stylish men, super models, uncles, knights, leading authorities and business leaders will get together in land of abundance – Chengdu. 


China is an ancient civilized country with a history of more than 5 thousand years. In a very long period, the Chinese people cannot value the beauty of men correctly. Nowadays, China has experienced world-shaking changes, and the Chinese people can treat and find out the charm of men with appreciated and praised attitudes. The appearance of “Gentleman Show” is just a gathering of excellent men under this historical background.

“Gentleman Show” (Chengdu) will show up with the name of ‘Rising’. This concept has given rise to the enthusiastic passion in Chengdu on its first appearance! All industries, brands and high-end clubs related to men and women all offered their invitations to the “Gentleman Show”.

However, the Gentleman Show has insisted on its principle of rigorous attitude and quality priority. We only cooperate with the business partners with common ideas. At present, we are asking the public for commercial partners and excellent men worldwide. This men platform has set foot in China for 3 years, participated in the top shows in Italy and has millions of high-end fans in China. We are looking forward to meeting you sincerely. 

No matter what your brands are, we may achieve great progress together to open a new chapter in the Chinese market if only your brand has its own unique culture attitude and hopes to occupy the largest commercial market (China) in the world.


No matter what your nationalities, races or ages, the Gentleman Show will be your international stage if only you believe that you are cool and fashionable enough. Maybe you are an excellent man model who is unknown to public in the international market, but you may become the favorite one among the 1.4 billion Chinese people! Let’s be famous overnight! Come on, brothers, everything is possible!

We are sincerely looking forward to your participation! Let’s meet and enjoy together in the “Gentleman Show” (Chengdu).

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