A more peaceful sleep from now on with New-age sound therapy machine “Sleep Tones”

Cherry Koala has just launched its new-genre highest quality sound therapy machine ‘Sleep Tones’ that assures the desired forty winks every night with soothing natural rhythmic sounds, for both babies and adults.

Brisbane, Australia – August 29, 2016 – We all know it’s a must to have at least 6-7 hours of sleep at night yet when was the last time you actually had that? Most probably, back in your school days, right? Daily stress coupled with contemporary irregular lifestyle have created a genre of semi-insomniacs where we find it real hard to drift off to the desired peaceful goodnight sleep. However, all that is to change now for better. Cherry Koala has just launched its state of the art sound therapy machine Sleep Tones on Amazon that assures the coveted luxury of a tranquil relaxing slumber right in your grasp.

Cherry Koala was recently released on August 15, 2016 on Amazon and it works for both adults and babies.

“We are glad to announce that we have just launched our edgy sound therapy machine Sleep Tones at Amazon. Nothing can be more frustrating than twisting & turning in bed while craving for sleep after a long tiring day. We feel you and hence have come up with the highest quality audio therapy aide that will help you to enjoy those forty winks every single night- despite the ongoing stress and pressure in your life. You will wake up completely rejuvenated with a positive outlook for the next day. We are here to make your days better”, smiled Matthew Aaron, the founder of Cherry Koala, while speaking about the launch of his new-age sound therapy machine.

Sleep Tones has been armed with a broad range of natural soothing sounds such as White Noise, Heartbeat, Tropical Forest, Ocean, Thunder, and so on. All the audio tracks can be adjusted as per the preferred volume settings of the user.

“With comforting natural rhythmic sounds, our machine will help to lull you to sleep as you retire to your bed to unwind. We have included the white noise sound especially for parents who find it real hard to put their little ones off to sleep. Such intense sounds would successfully defy the external loud audio or silence around, helping babies to sleep faster. Our soothing sounds will create a serene dreamland for you where there is only peace and tranquility, making it easier for you to sleep. Sleep Tones therapy would even be useful during your meditation sessions.” Matthew added in.

The machine can even be used to calm the pets.

While approached further, Matthew stressed on the portability quotient of the machine that makes it easier to carry while travelling. The user can run the machine throughout the night or he/she can schedule a time limit with the device’s in-built Auto-Off Timer feature. It’s a breeze to use thanks to its Plug-in-and-play feature (USB Power plug adapter included).

“The coolest part about our cutting edge machine is that it gulps less power in comparison to the other regular machines and hence is a far affordable option. Besides, we have used genuine tones only to prevent any annoying clicking, hitching and looping issue. It also sports an easy legible LCD Clock view.”

Sleep Tones has been launched with a 30 day cash back guarantee and special launch promotion code CKPROMO1 that extends a handy $10 off.

To enjoy your forty winks every night with Sleep Tones, visit https://www.amazon.com/Cherry-Koala-SleepTones-Therapy-Machine/dp/B01FRW2WBA

The product is also available for direct purchase through Cherry Koala’s website. Interested customers can contact them directly at the contacts mentioned below.

To know more about the upcoming edgy sound therapy machine, visit www.cherrykoala.com

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