Coaching is the New Benefit among Children’s Toothbrush Products

DETROIT, MI – 30 Aug, 2016 – Kid’s toothbrushes and timers have been glowing, beeping, and singing for years to help motivate brushers and measure a two-minute brushing session, but there seems to be a powerful new benefit emerging in children’s oral care products: Coaching goes the extra s’mile to help children brush completely.  Parent-invented BrushyBall, The Toothbrush Training Coach, is a new type of toothbrush holder that delivers real-time coaching to young brushers each time they brush.

Inventor Rob Malen explains, “BrushyBall was inspired by the experiences my daughter and I shared as she was learning to brush on her own.  She loved mimicking games like Simon Says and Follow-the-Leader, so I wanted to build that same sense of fun, simplicity and intuitiveness into her own personal toothbrushing coach. The sounds coming from the toothbrushes seemed to offer little assistance to the brusher, but I thought if the communication could be put in front of the brusher then a new world of visual benefit opens up.”

BrushyBall was designed to sit on the bathroom sink as a cute toothbrush holder, but when the mouth is opened BrushyBall speaks and marshmallow shaped teeth light up in sections to make brushing completely into a Follow-the-Leader game.  The combination of voice, lighted teeth and music are intended to help motivate young brushers, captivate short attention spans and coach kids to brush the inside, outside and chewing surfaces of all teeth for two minutes.

The BrushyBall voice and song were chosen to connect with brushers aged three to nine and to help captivate short attention spans for two minutes, “It took a few months of searching to find a voice that sounded like a friend and a song so likeable that brushers (and parents) would want to whistle it later in the day,” says Malen.  A selector switch on each BrushyBall can be toggled to hear BrushyBall in English, Spanish or with just Music.

Parents and kids alike are seeing the benefits, as BrushyBall launched in July on and has repeatedly hit the #1 New Release in category.

BrushyBall was also quickly awarded the 2016 Parent Tested, Parent Approved Seal of Approval.


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