Delicate Fruit in the Folk: Actinidia Chinensis in Cangxi, Sichuan, China

On August 26, China’s first Actinidia Chinensis Trading Center was put into operation in Cangxi, Sichuan, China. It is also the first actinidia chinensis exchange center in the world. This center was co-built by the largest e-commerce exchange platform of bulk commodity in Western China—Tianfu Mercantile Exchange and the People’s Government of Cangxi County, to assimilate local leading industries mainly through state-owned assets management company.

Besides, it provides e-commerce exchange and financial service to planters and traders in the actinidia chinensis industry. Its foundation will help to push the industry to self-develop towards informatization, standardization and branding.

Actinidia chinensis is originated in Cangxi, where the ecosystem consists of unique soil, water and climate. Area within 255 square kilometers becomes paradise of actinidia chinensis and is defined as the optimum for its growth. Cangxi now has become the pioneer and home of actinidia chinensis industry.

The actinidia chinensis pulp is red, this character is rather stable for Cangxi actinidia chinensis, while for those cultivated in other domestic area and in New Zealand, the color of pulp is unstable with large change in red and instability among interannual plants and each plant.

The soluble solid content, saccharide and acid ratio in pulp of Cangxi actinidia chinensis highly exceeds that reported in China’s literature. Cangxi actinidia chinensisis delicate in its pulp and tasty in flavor. It has occupied 95% of the European and American market.

Standardized management of unified supervision, technology and agricultural capital has been conducted to all actinidia chinensis by the center, so as to improve food safety, reduce soil pollution and help to realize its traceability and standardization which is namely “intelligentized planting”. Meanwhile,  farmer households can demonstrate their product via the center both online and offline as to promote the sales and popularity.

The trading center offers global dealers with product integration, grading and screening, unified package, delivery, customer service, and quality as well as convenient and fast 24-hour ordering in APP. It has seamless connection between farmer households and dealers, which maximizes the profits for both parties.

Furthermore, the center introduced local banks to offer loan service for farmer housholds and dealers. For farmer households, the bank and trading center make assessment to registered farmer households and grant credit to them to buy farm-oriented materials, then delivery will be done via the center to realize light-hearted planting.

For dealers, the bank and the center offer them with supply chain financial support to finish payment, the payment is managed by the third party designated by the trading center, and then paid to farmer after the dealer’s comfirmation for receiving goods. In this way, light-hearted ording is realized.

Cangxi County, Sichuan in China is well acknowledged as the town of actinidia chinensis worldwide. Scarce land resource and unique climate make its good quality. No matter where you are, you can just purchase and invest in the actinidia chinensis which is the best-quality and the most authentic through the platform.

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