Useful PC Guide Site Launched to Provide Tutorials and Guides to Troubleshoot Computer Issues

Online blog site and tech newspaper, Useful PC Guide provide readers with tutorials, articles and guides to help people fix computer problems that they face every day including detecting hardware failures, clearing cookies and cached files in Google Chrome, and how to use Task Manager Mac on an Apple Computer.

The site author of Useful PC Guide is confident of the blog’s popularity and that people will find it very helpful because the guides cover problems that they will encounter whether they are PC owners working with the Windows Operating System or Apple computer owners who use MAC OS X.

For Windows users, the site provides readers with articles that cover topics such as methods to identify and solve hardware failures in PC components, how to use CPU-Z detection software to gather detailed system information including the size of computer’s RAM and its bus speed, and how to legally download Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 ISOs.

Within Useful PC Guide, Apple computer owners are provided with articles on a range of subjects including how to right click on a MAC OS X computer, which only has a trackpad with no discernible left or right button, 8 must-know Mac shortcuts, and using the best screen capture tools for MAC OS X such as Skitch, which allow users to take, edit and draw on screenshots.

Moreover, the blog site takes into account the existence of other operating systems, and the prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices so it also provides troubleshoots guides for Linux, iOS, Android and general tutorials on internet issues. Articles within these categories include helpful tips on how to find Google Chrome profiles on Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux, how to fix iPhone ‘Not Charging Error’, how to change Domain Name System (DNS) servers on Android, and advice on how users can speed up their website by 200%.

Useful PC Guide was started by Tony Tran with the aim of building a dedicated blog to help users diagnose and troubleshoot Windows, MAC, iOS, Android and other issues. In future, the site aims to keep adding a wider range of articles to reflect the problems people face with their desktop computers and mobile devices.

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