New Exciting App Launched On Google Play Track Me – Lifetime History

The App on Google Play allows the user to track their own locations and travels in history and family members and friends in real time.

Google Play and Core I Soft are pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new app that tracks a phone user’s current location where they have been and stores that data for their lifetime. The new app called Track Me – Lifetime History has been described as one of the most exciting and important Android Apps of 2016.

Track Me is a perfect app for those people who want to know what they did previously and where they were on important days such as birthdays. It allows them to go back in time and choose a day to find out exactly where they were and what they did. As well as finding out where they were, Track Me also allows them to look back and see what the weather was like, providing all the information the user needs to bring back wonderful memories.

With so many different features, which includes allowing the user to see how many times they have been to a certain location and allowing them to take pictures and make notes, it provides the user with a personalized diary. Track Me is also clever by sending the user notifications when they arrive or leave a location.

The notification feature is a very important feature for parents. When a child leaves home the parent will be notified with an alarm, when the child arrives at school or other locations then an alarm will sound, allowing the parent to know their child has safely arrived. This feature is not limited to family members, it can also be used for friends. If the user wants to know when a friend is arriving at the same location as them such as a party, the notification will be activated.

A spokesman for Track Me – Lifetime History said: “Track Me stores users’ location data for their lifetime. As long as Track Me is installed on their device, it stores location. So users can even check their 10 years old travels if they never uninstall Track Me. The longest period for similar apps is 30 days. That’s why Track Me stands out.”

The new app, which tracks the user real-time location and stores it for a life-time has also become a popular social app by allowing people to know where their family and friends are. By following a user, they can see in real time where that user is, allowing them to be connected at all times and seeing if they are both in the same location.

Followers can see where their family and friends have been or where they are going and join in their excitement. If a family friend is traveling long distance to another state or country, they can choose to let other people join in the excitement of the journey and see how they are traveling and which places they are traveling through or stopping at.

Track Me is not just a fun social app; it is also an important security app that can allow parents to see where their children are. With more parents worried about their child’s safety, Track Me has become an important app. It allows the parent without intruding know where their child is at all times and also allows them to know when they have arrived home safely. It can also allow people who have lost their phone or had their phone stolen to track their phone and recover it.


• Track where you have been to over time, even years ago

• Get the history of which you have been to a certain location

• Take notes and pictures for locations in your travel

• Get notifications for yourself when arriving or leaving somewhere

• Navigate to a location in your history through Google maps

• Share your travel record in social media

• Revisit your past travels

• Track real-time location of your stolen or lost phone easily

• Find your phone through one of your friends’ phone

Instantly see where your family and friends are

• Track where your family has been to today, yesterday or last week

• Track when your child went to school and came back home

• Get notifications for your family such as arriving home, leaving work, leaving school

• Send instant messages to your friends and family

• Navigate to your friends’ current location through Google maps

• Track your family and friends in real-time. See their exact location and exact speed

• Create groups and see instant locations of its members

Since being launched, Track Me has received rave reviews; it has become one of the most popular new social apps of 2016.

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About Track Me Lifetime History

Track Me is an app that is available on Google Play. It allows the user to see where they have previously been and to allow people to see in real time where they are going.

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