“Tap the Arrow” gaming app gains popularity among the users

Tap the Arrow is a simple yet challenging game that has been gaining steady popularity among the users. The game available for Android users has received good feedback from the downloaders and currently stands on a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars on Google Play. The game is simple to learn and requires the user to tap the arrow and avoid the obstacles along the way. The user will gain points if they manage to tap the arrow in a right manner. The basics of the game are simple yet it is difficult to master.

“Great Game Play and very addictive. Nice work developer.”, says one user while another one says, “his game has potential, it’s simple like pong, but needs some skill and timing to get the arrow where you want it.”

Although a few users did complain about the mandatory ads but they can disable all the ads by reaching 15 points. The game is said to be highly addictive and can be played anywhere the user wants to. It is an ideal game to play when one does not have much time or need to pass time for a few minutes.

Although the market these days is full of a variety of gaming apps ranging from simple games to ones with amazing graphic designs but there has been adearth of the classic or simpler games. This is when the game Tap the arrow comes into light. The game is made for those who do not want to put too much of effort into playing a game but still play a simple yet challenging game.   The game features a simple screen with the arrow and obstacles along g with a scoreboard on the top. It is also suitable for those who are not much mobile savvy and wish to enjoy simpler games. The game can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

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